How SEO Works For Websites

How SEO Works For Websites

An Introduction To SEO Developing an effective SEO strategy for your business is pivotal in growing your online presence and gaining more customers. SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) is the process of incorporating various online elements into your website to increase your ranking position in SERPs, and ultimately growing traffic to your website. Search engines work […]

How To Design A Website Homepage

How To Design A Website Homepage

Your website homepage is the first meeting you will have with many of your potential customers. When people visit your website, this initial impression is vital in ensuring that visitors connect with the services that your business has to offer in an instance. There are many elements to include when creating a good website, whether […]

How Has Digital Marketing Changed Consumer Behaviour

how has digital marketing changed consumer behaviour

How Has Consumer Attention Changed? The digitisation of the modern era has transformed consumer behavior and attention. This has not been a simple one-step shift from traditional to digital, however. The digital market is shifting frequently, influencing and responding to consumer behaviour. In some sense, the digital market has become so integral to consumer behaviour […]

Did You Know Facts About Digital Marketing

did you know facts about digital marketing

The marketing industry has been dominated by digital marketing in the past two decades. The fast-paced nature of digital marketing can make it difficult to navigate which marketing strategy or purchase decisions are the best for your business. Keeping up to date on the changes in marketing statistics and trends will ensure your SME business […]

How AI is Changing the Future of Digital Marketing

How AI is changing the future of digital marketing

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has become increasingly prevalent across a range of industries. Recently, voyage has been into the marketing world. AI is revolutionizing our approaches to digital marketing and customer interaction. Despite some reluctance to this new marketing method, Salesforce found in 2019 that 51% of marketers were already using AI in their digital marketing […]

How to Implement Digital Marketing Strategy

how to implement digital marketing strategy

A strong digital marketing strategy is crucial for any businesses wishing to achieve their business goals and engage with their target audience. As the online space continues to grow and dominate the world of commerce, it is important for businesses to put their name out there and create a digital marketing campaign that is comprehensive […]

Why is Digital Marketing Effective?

why is digital marketing effective

Digital marketing is helping grow businesses from the ground up across the globe. In this current age, it is virtually impossible to generate high levels and consistent profit without some form of digital marketing strategy in your marketing campaign. So why is digital marketing effective?  The digital market has grown exponentially since the turn of […]

How Can Digital Marketing Help Grow My Business?

How can digital marketing help grow my business

Growing a successful business requires a specific target market and high quality products or services. However, to do this, every company must consider how to promote their brand through a killer marketing strategy. The online market in the past decade has grown exponentially, and is becoming the most lucrative arena for all types of businesses. […]

Why Google Analytics Is Essential For Your Website

google analytics

Audeo presents you 6 reasons why Google Analytics is essential for the growth of your website. We explore how it can track every aspect of your site, ensuring you understand where you are going wrong, what to improve and understanding your exact audience to tailor your business to. 1. Measuring Your Website Traffic Google Analytics […]

Evergreen Content

evergreen content

What is it? Evergreen content is content which doesn’t expire; the evergreen tree itself remains green and functional throughout a variety of seasons. That being said, you are able to use this content regardless of the year, season, or situation; allowing it to constantly stay fresh for your audience. This long-lasting content is a great […]