Audeo Lands Press Coverage for Client Bailey’s Skip Hire and Recycling

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Audeo has been hard at work with long-term client Baileys Skip Hire and Recycling to gain press coverage and spread the word of their incredible news of winning The Air Ambulance ‘Small Business Partner of the Year award. The award came after Bailey’s implemented an innovative clothing recycling scheme that raised thousands for The Air Ambulance and saved huge volumes of waste from being sent to landfills.

About The Scheme 

Bailey’s started handing out textile bags with every skip they delivered. Customers then filled these bags with all their unwanted clothes and shoes from their waste. These bags were then collected and taken to local charity shops to sell which generated huge amounts of revenue for the charity. Per tonne, Air Ambulance receives around £1050 from recycled clothes and shoes.

The PR Campaign 

Audeo wrote an engaging and eye-catching press release which was then distributed to relevant local news publications. We emailed suitable journalists and editors from the publications that would want to share the story and pitched the reasons why their audience would be interested and benefit from reading the article. This was successful and the press release has been shared in several news publications with more placements secured for the future. You can view the articles shared by two publications below:


How Bailey’s Benefited From The Campaign 

There are many benefits to gaining national or local news coverage including increasing brand awareness, brand perception and building brand credibility. It can also massively increase your website traffic as readers click through to your website and hugely boost your SEO through high-authority backlinks from well-renowned publications. These benefits will then ultimately lead to more sales for your business which many company owners miss out on by not investing in PR.

Should You Invest In PR for Your Business?

There is no doubt investing in PR can have huge positive impacts on your business. Many business owners often neglect PR activities due to not understanding the benefits or thinking it doesn’t apply to them. There are some industries where PR may be more important than others, particularly for sport, tech and lifestyle brands, although if you are releasing a new product, promoting an event, or are participating in something new, you really are missing out if you choose not to run a PR campaign. 

If you have some new news you want to gain exposure for, or you’re looking to gain coverage in relevant publications in your industry then we can help! We will write a compelling and eye-catching press release and distribute it to interested journalists to share. We are currently offering a FREE 30 minute PR strategy call for all businesses, fill in our contact form or email to book a slot today.

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