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Our email marketing company is committed to connecting businesses with their customers and fostering long-lasting relationships. Get in touch with our digital marketing agency to find out more.

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Supercharge your email marketing with our Bristol agency

Have you just opened your laptop to a bundle of spammy emails, to which you have quickly marked as read? This is a prime example of how our email marketing agency is different. Recipients will want to open your emails. They will add value to their day, provide solutions, and engage readers to make purchasing decisions.

Our managed email marketing tools have been altered and whittled down from years of experience to form our results-driven agency. This is through working with businesses from a variety of sectors. From a combination of our email marketing services and lead generation marketing efforts, one of our clients has seen a huge increase of £500,000 new business. We have a range of clients from various sectors, including finance, recycling and health & fitness.

Client testimonial

WOW! We've worked with other SEO companies but none like Audeo. The team created an amazing report that provided clear snapshots of ways we could make some major wins for our website and business. I am so excited to continue working on our SEO with the Audeo team.
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Email Marketing Services

Our email marketing companies services

outbound email marketing

Outbound Reach

Our outbound email marketing campaigns utilise an innovative AI platform called Salespitch. Here, we can generate personalised messaging that targets your perfect customer with the right language to increase conversions. Through this service, you can land in potential clients’ inboxes and greatly increase leads for your business.

email newsletter marketing

Client Retention

We can create engaging, punchy email newsletters that incorporate your branding and ethos. This can be an alternation of news, tips, updates and more to keep your audience connected with your business.

email automation service

Automation Email Sequencing

Creating an email sequence is key to re-engaging your audience and establishing a customer journey to reinforce purchases. This may include welcome emails, onboarding or abandoned carts. Through automation, we can decide on the most effective steps to lead customers to your preferred action. 

What does our email marketing service offer?

Engaging Copy

We write highly engaging subject lines and copy that resonates with your target audience. This will boost open rates, push conversions, and retain connections. Whether you are selling a product, telling a story or releasing updates, we have an experienced copy writing team for you.

Eye-Catching Emails Designed

Our graphic designers will build email templates based on your business that increase brand awareness and recognition. These will incorporate your logo, brand colours, fonts, and any imagery to mirror your business.

Targeted Email Lists

We have various processes in place to generate email addresses that are GDPR friendly, and offer this as part of our email marketing package. This may be through landing pages, social media posts, CTAs or subscription offerings on your website.

Analysis & Evaluation

We maximise every email marketing campaign for our clients. With features like a b testing, our team can explore campaigns and ensure we are utilising the best performers to increase open, response and deliverability rates.

Why Invest In Email Marketing

Maximise Your ROI
With Email Marketing

Our email marketing agency builds an enormous return on investment for your business. The main worry we often see are small businesses hesitant of putting money into a pocket with a hole, and we understand this.

With our founders having built multiple businesses from the ground up, we fully recognise what it takes to scale SMEs. We monitor campaigns closely to guarantee you will see a return on the money you invest in us.

Depending on your industry and goals, we will alter professional emails so that the writing pushes for your specific end target. This may be informative for showing off a new service, insightful for adding value, or a persuasive transactional email for a product in your online store. However you are looking to communicate with recipients, we can make it happen.

Client testimonial

Highly recommend, super easy to work with, clear communication throughout.
Delivering the work on time and to a high standard.
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Choose Audeo As Your Email Marketing Company

Our email marketing agency is highly experienced in lead generation and grabbing the attention of your ideal customer. Through multiple tools and techniques such as AI platforms and automation, we can save your business hours of time and ensure high conversions.

Proven Track Record

Our founders have a track record in building businesses from the ground up and scaling existing companies. These companies have grown monumentally from our email marketing process alongside SEO.

Measurable ROI

We provide clear and concise reporting on all the marketing activities we conduct so you can maximise your ROI. This gives you a clear understanding of the remarkable growth of your business with the use of our email marketing services.

Personalised Campaigns

Personalisation is key to a successful email campaign. We work hard to understand your business to ensure the correct language is used and the tone converts recipients.

Long-Term Relationships

We build strong relationships with our clients and push to go above and beyond for everyone we work with. This often leads to a range of other marketing services being implemented down the line.

How email marketing
grows your business

Email marketing is a data-driven tool to grow your business, providing you with a direct channel to reach your existing customers and potential prospects alike. Top email marketing agencies, like ours, utilise sophisticated project management methodologies to streamline and optimise campaigns. This ensures that your business’s unique needs and goals are addressed.

This dynamic, versatile tool can drive a range of key business goals. From brand awareness and customer engagement to sales and customer retention. A well-executed email marketing strategy not only bolsters your online presence but also serves as a powerful, scalable pathway to sustainable business growth.

Watch Your Sales Soar With
Our Email Marketing Agency, UK

Whether you are looking for a comprehensive digital marketing strategy, or you are just looking to outsource your email marketing, Audeo can help. Through our AI email marketing platforms and marketing automation processes, we can ensure you generate more leads for your business.

We also offer services including SEO, website design and social media marketing to help businesses reach their customers across all channels. SEO, also known as search engine optimisation, involves optimising your website so that it ranks highly in search engines. All of our services enable our clients to connect with their customers and generate high-quality leads effectively.

Client testimonial

If you’re looking for a marketing agency in Bristol, I’d highly recommend Audeo. They build stunning websites & help with all marketing activities. Great service, thanks Audeo!
Ross Funnell
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