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Maximise your ROI through killer email marketing campaigns.

It’s a Monday morning and you’ve just opened your laptop to a bundle of spammy emails, the ‘sigh’ feeling hits as you quickly mark them as read without any acknowledgement. This is a prime example of how our email marketing agency is different. Recipients will WANT to open your emails. They will add value to their day, provide solutions, and engage readers to make purchasing decisions.

Our managed email marketing tools have been altered and whittled down from years of experience to form our results-driven agency working with businesses from a variety of sectors. Through a combination of our email marketing services and lead generation marketing efforts, one of our clients has seen a huge increase of £500,000 new business; and this could be you next. 

Let's land you more customers.

Grab your audience's attention through engaging content

Kick Competitors To The Curb With Our Email Marketing Company

We work with you on every step of the process to ensure you are 100% satisfied.

Unlike many other marketing agencies, we have our own in-house graphic designers and developers who create beautiful, personalised email designs that are consistent with your brand guidelines. 

Through in-depth research, we will cater these designs towards your industry and target audience, ensuring that they resonate with the reader and push towards your desired action. 

All of our drag and drop email templates are 100% mobile friendly, and are also customisable by you with simple drag and drop editor features. As we use the best automated email marketing platforms in the industry, we can schedule unlimited emails to be sent out at specific times (drip campaigns) having the highest chance of engagement.

The content included needs to catch your reader’s attention, and in some way make a difference to their day. Our in-house copy writers know how crucial it is to turn the recipient’s head and acknowledge the valuable content you are providing. Without this specialist service, you miss the chance to build loyal relationships with customers whilst pulling in new clients. 

Depending on your industry and goals, we will alter professional emails so that the writing pushes for your specific end target. This may be informative for showing off a new service, insightful for adding value, or a persuasive transactional email for a product in your online store. However you are looking to communicate with recipients, we can make it happen.

Luckily for you, our writers have experience writing in various styles and towards a variety of different sectors. This means that we understand exactly how to engage an audience in an instance with the subject line, following through to completion with a bold, engaging call to action. 

With the new GDPR guidelines in place, it is vital to get a database of contacts that have opted in to receiving your emails rather than a paid plan for email addresses. If an obstacle you are facing is a limited number of subscribers, don’t worry, that is what our lead generation team is here for.

Building an organic list for email sending is not only safe for your brand, but you will also hit the mark for high-quality, qualifying leads. We have various processes in place to generate contact lists that are GDPR friendly, and offer this as part of our email marketing package. Building an organic list for email sending is not only safe for your brand, but you will also hit the mark for high-quality, qualifying leads.

We have various processes in place to generate contact lists that are GDPR friendly, and offer this as part of our email marketing package. This may be through landing pages, social media posts, CTAs or subscription offerings on your website.

We maximise every email marketing campaign for our clients. With features like a b testing, our team can explore campaigns and ensure we are utilising the best performers to increase open, response and deliverability rates.

This will include learning which subject line jumps out the most, which CTAs are prompting actions, and what forms of content are engaging your target audience. Through your monthly report, we can focus on the detailed analysis to find areas of improvement, maximising what is receiving the most success and using this to lead the strategy.

Evaluations are key to generating the highest chance of success. When you find out what is communicating best with your target audience, you can start to understand their desires and preferred services. This can then influence decisions made on website pages and the types of copy used to increase leads generated online.

Loyal relationships formed with customers.

Rise in website traffic & enquiries from increased visibility. 

Converting and engaging content & designs.

Clear ROI from your marketing spend. You will see the results.

Our Bristol Email Marketing Agency Results:

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Sit back, relax & watch your sales soar.

Our email marketing agency builds an enormous return on investment for your business. The main worry we often see are small businesses hesitant of putting money into a pocket with a hole, and we understand this. With our founders having built multiple businesses from the ground up, we fully recognise what it takes to scale SMEs, and can guarantee you will see a return on the money you invest in us.

Whether you are looking for a comprehensive digital marketing strategy, or you are just looking to outsource your email marketing, Audeo can help. We also offer website design, SEO, lead generation, PPC and various content marketing services to help businesses reach their customers across all channels. Book a discovery call today at to start your success.








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