The Best Ever Marketing Campaigns In Bristol

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The Best Ever Marketing Campaigns In Bristol

From hot air balloons to pub doors made from human skin, Bristol is all whacky, creative and vibrant in one! 

This loveable city has become home to businesses of all sorts, with a beaming population eager to get stuck into everything Bristol has to offer. 

Each week there is something worth talking about going on in Bristol. Whether that be lively music events, protests for global warming, or new food spots popping open in all directions.

Now, with such an array of events going on and businesses opening, how do you get your services or products seen?

In this blog, we are going to share our favourite 6 marketing campaigns in Bristol that may spark some adventure and ideas in your own!

1. Oowee’s Free Giveaway

Who doesn’t love a free lunch? Hundreds of Oowee lovers flocked to College Green after the announcement by Oowee offering a free burger for those who attended the location.

This was to celebrate Deliveroo’s fourth anniversary in Bristol, and it certainly pulled in a huge amount of attention for Oowee after the incredible turnout and coverage across so many news sites. Give-aways have been known as a great marketing tactic, and this was sure seen in Oowee’s experience!

Oowee has quickly become a successful restaurant serving huge dirty burgers and fries, along with a new vegan chain serving in Bristol and London. The popular site has even gone on to be named ‘Restaurant of The Year’ in Britains Deliveroo Awards.

oowee marketing

2. City to Sea’s Refill

City to Sea is a Bristol based environmental organisation with a mission to stop plastic pollution. ‘Refill’ is an award-winning campaign run by them to connect people to places that they can eat, drink and shop without packaging.

The app enables you to tap into sustainable businesses in your location and easily navigate to refill stations, making the act of living with less waste a much easier concept. There are now over 30,000 locations that have joined the refill revolution helping to reduce plastic pollution.

3. Bristol Harbour’s Mysterious ‘Alien’

Back in 2013, a giant ‘alien’ appeared in the Bristol harbour which caused a lot of conversation amongst locals. This squid like figure caused a viral video with over 600,000 views, and more than 6.2 million Twitter impressions relating to the sightings.

After the stir, it was announced that this marketing campaign was created by TV channel Watch, who were promoting a new series called The Happenings that followed magicians.

4. FoodStuff’s Billboard Advertisement

FoodStuff took to the streets of Bristol to market their sustainable food delivery service with the use of powerful and bold posters. With the use of punchy headlines such as ‘Deliver-who?’ and creative designs, this advertisement got noticed by passers-by.

The ‘uber’ big posters also featured fun illustrations representing their ethos with the help of punchy slogans to grab the public’s attention.

5. Slim My Waste, Feed My Face!

Bristol Waste started the ‘Slim My Waste, Feed My Face’ campaign to encourage the public to recycle food waste across the city. 

Residents were sent packs full of quirky stickers to stick onto their bins, creating a fun visual and an activity for people to do. With the addition of a ‘no food diet’ taped around the whole bin to reinforce the message each time people throw away their rubbish.

This creative campaign won Best Recycling Project at the Waste2Zero Awards and many others from the incredible results that were achieved:

  • 16% increase in the amount of food waste collected in the month following the launch of the campaign.
  • 290.5 tonnes of additional food waste collected.
  • 174.3 tonnes of CO2e saved by diverting food waste from landfill (the equivalent to taking 55 cars off the road for a year).
  • Enough additional biogas created in one year to power an extra 180 households for a whole year.

6. Tap For Bristol

Tap For Bristol is a recent campaign to help tackle Bristol’s homelessness. This has included the installation of donation points across the city onto windows and businesses, incorporating a contactless device so that anyone can donate. 

The process is quick and easy, encouraging passers-by to quickly stop and tap their phone or card in order to solve homelessness in Bristol. As many walking often have no change to directly give, this is the perfect solution to increasing donations.

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