Creating A Marketing Plan For A Law Firm

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How To Create A Marketing Plan For A Law Firm

With the popularity of online marketing taking the world by storm in recent years, law firm’s are stepping up their game in focusing time on not just their business development but digital marketing efforts too. 

So, what exactly does a marketing plan entail? When creating a marketing plan for a law firm, it will involve various marketing tools and techniques, such as content marketing, optimising your website design, and email marketing to name a few. Crafting the perfect plan will be specific to your business goals and milestones you are looking to reach. Depending on your vision, you may hone on specific techniques in order to reach your targets. However, many of these tactics will result in success long-term and provide you with a high ROI. 

You may already be making use of traditional marketing methods, such as print with brochures, letters, or newspaper, and relying on word-of-mouth. Yet digital marketing will offer you much higher levels of engagement with your business. In modern days people are finding businesses more and more online, and are able to follow updates from your law firm easily with the help of social media.

Why Is Digital Marketing Important?

Taking advantage of these techniques will hugely increase your chances of reaching prospective clients. As a law firm marketing, your business will open up the opportunity to become noticed by a much wider audience, whilst maintaining relationships with current and past clients. 

5 Top Tips For Your Law Firms Marketing Plan

Designing A Professional Website

Having a professional and eye-catching website is key to unlocking more clients. Designing a website for your law firm gives you the opportunity to showcase your services, allow visitors to connect with your brand, and will increase your chances of being found and contacted by both people online and referral sources. 

Your website needs to reflect exactly who you are and the solutions you can provide your clients. This can be communicated with powerful punchy headings and emotive imagery with a personal approach from the services you are offering. Make sure to capture your USP within the design, and show visitors exactly why they should choose you over your competitors. 

Your website also needs to have a quick loading speed, user-friendly design and be responsive on all devices. This is essential as it will impact how your website will be ranked by Google, as these are all areas which are measured when deciding how to place your web pages. This can be done by ensuring imagery is compressed, videos are uploaded using links, and tidying up your media library.

SEO (Search Engine Optimisation)

96% of people look for legal practices through a search engine. The legal market is beaming with many different businesses, and having the ability to rank high in search engines is key to reaching your target audience for those relevant search terms. You may offer services such as criminal defense or estate planning, yet when people enter those search queries into Google you are nowhere to be seen. This is where SEO comes in. At Audeo, we are able to conduct keyword research into what your target market is searching for, and then optimise your website pages with high quality copy for these search terms. This means that your law firm’s website has the ability to climb higher up the SERP (search engine results page), increasing your chances of being visible for targeted legal services.

As you will most likely have a physical location, it is also key to focus on local SEO. This is where your law firm practice area will be visible for people searching for your business in that specific location. This can be done through numerous techniques, such as focusing on location-based keywords, being listed in local directories, and obtaining testimonials on Google from previous clients. 

Link Building

When adding content to your website, making sure to include internal and external links will massively affect how you are ranked. Internal linking will help Google to understand your website, and which pages are of the highest authority. It will also help visitors to navigate around your site, which will improve your user experience. External links will then prove to Google that your content is of a high quality, and has involved further research to link out to other websites of resources.

Obtaining high quality backlinks to your law firm’s site will then show Google that your business is trusted by others. By consistently uploading content which is engaging will increase your chances of building backlinks, but there are also a few other techniques that can be used in the process. This may be through guest posts, contacting local news sites, or by writing a press release. 

Content Marketing

Creating and distributing engaging content is the perfect process to boost your followings and push visitors to your website. This could be through social media, email, your website blog posts and webinars.

A great way to share content across your social media channels is by creating eye-catching graphics; such as infographics or slideshares. These are both easy to digest, stand out in a long feed of posts and show you are adding valuable information for your followers. The content used could be in the form of industry news, tips, insights or personal updates from your business. Video marketing could also be a great way for you to show potential clients your business and help them to connect with the people behind it, which is essential in a sector such as law.

When writing blog posts, you can then target keywords spoken of previously which will give you a much higher chance of ranking highly. Google notices this activity and that you are regularly uploading content to your site, which shows you are providing information for your visitors and are active online.

Email Marketing

A strategy that often gets overlooked is email marketing. As a law firm, this form of content distribution is highly effective in keeping leads interested, maintaining relationships and directing recipients to targeted pages on your website. 

It’s best to have segmented email lists in order for you to run multiple marketing campaigns to different audiences, which can easily be implemented using MailChimp. This enables your content to be directly targeting specific types of recipients and reach the highest chance of success. You may decide to have one send out focused on adding value by providing insights and updates, and another service orientated which is focused on directly driving people to use your business. Make sure to measure the results of your campaigns through open and response rates, so you can then effectively make changes for future emails to achieve your goals.

Through email marketing, you can then also use a personalised template for your email send out, which will help you to build a memorable and powerful brand. This means that by a glimpse, people will remember your business and easily be able to relay it to friends or family.

Contact Audeo For Your Law Firms Marketing Plan

At Audeo, we specialise in digital marketing for law firms and offer a range of services to drive more leads to your business. Whether you are looking for a full marketing strategy or specific areas to focus on, we are able to help with any of your requirements. Our digital agency focuses on SEO, website design, PPC, lead generation, content & video marketing, and outsourced CMO services. If you are looking to grow your business, contact our team and book in your discovery call at

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