Three Of The Best Marketing Campaigns Of 2021

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3 Of The Best Marketing Campaigns Of 2021

As we begin to wind down for the year, we took a look over a few of our favourite marketing campaigns that have been launched over 2021. There have been so many which have been hugely successful, however, we managed to whittle it down to 3 that really jumped out at us.

3 Incredible Campaigns From 2021

Deliveroo – We’re England ‘Til We Dine

Back in June 2021 when we were on the edge of our seats as the Euros ran its ‘course’, Deliveroo released ‘We’re England Til We Dine’. This campaign was seen across the UK as video content on our TVs and creative billboards in cities for us to spot in multiple environments. 

The campaign’s mission was to send the message that although we love England during this football tournament, we all appreciate food from around the world. The title and lyrics to the advertisement play on the fact that when it comes to ordering food, we explore meals from an array of different cultures no matter who we support.

deliveroo campaign

Spotify – Wrapped

Spotify Wrapped 2021 was released to Spotify users recently revealing a range of data on your top ranking albums, artists, genres and most listened to songs. This simple, but genius idea gets users excited to share their yearly overview with friends, and is often shared on social media such as Instagram stories to show off your top listens! 

This type of campaign creates FOMO (fear of missing out) and produces the domino effect when seeing everyone’s shares across social media. In 2020, the Wrapped campaign increased Spotify downloads by 21% in the first week of December. This is not only great for Spotify itself, but also the huge number of artists releasing music on their platform.

Burger Kings – ‘Keep It Real Meals’ 

Burger King launched an NFT campaign with Sweet a few months ago in a bid to entice an audience from a huge market such as crypto. The fast food giant introduced QR codes on meal boxes, which when scanned will unlock digital collectables and bonus NFTs. 

This campaign was an incredible way to spark huge discussion due to the popularity of crypto in recent years, and featured a range of celebrities such as LILHUDDY, Nelly, and Anitta to stir up even more excitement.

What Is To Come In 2022?

Every year, we see unique and fresh campaigns released across the world that boost businesses exposure. With new technology such as the hype surrounding the metaverse, changes to our daily lives and events to come, we will be sure to see a range of innovative marketing campaigns in the coming year.

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