Audeo Announces Collaboration With Cryptopulse

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Audeo is excited to announce they will be working with Cryptopulse for season 2 of their podcast. Cryptopulse is a leading podcast that covers all things crypto, bitcoin and world economics related and has been downloaded in over 140 countries.

What Will Audeo be doing?

Audeo will be recording and producing the podcast, this will be one episode a week to be released every Tuesday as well as some extra interviews and special episodes. The podcast will be recorded, edited and published at our Bristol agency and will be distributed to all major platforms including Spotify, Apple and Stitcher. 

Audeo will also be creating eye-catching and engaging content for Cryptopulse’s social channels including graphics, slide shares and reels about all things cryptocurrency-related. This will range from entertaining memes to mind-blowing stats and important trading tips. The main goals of the collaboration are to grow the loyal community of Cryptopulse and position them as an industry leader and ‘go-to’ resource for people to keep up with all the latest news and trends in the crypto world. 

The Perfect Match

Audeo has a vast knowledge of the cryptocurrency world and has experience implementing successful marketing campaigns to grow and scale various crypto-related projects. Our founders have even worked with well-known projects including Verge and Wirex. This means Audeo is the perfect cryptocurrency marketing agency to grow Cryptopulse’s online following and their number of podcast subscribers.

You can listen to Cryptopulse using the links below:

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