Google Reveals The Top Searches Of 2021

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Google Recently Revealed The Top Search Terms Of 2021

Google recently revealed its annual search data over the past year. This includes data on the top searches from specific categories and by regions. Having an insight into these ranked trends gives us an overview of popular sports, musicians, news stories and people across the world that have made their mark online.

Google also provided us with a month-by-month overview of the search terms, which gives us a deeper dive into when the searches became so popular. This allows us to refresh our minds of many big events that have occured during hectic times.

Search Queries In The UK

In the UK, we see Squid Game claiming the no.1 TV spot for shows searched for, to Euros being ranked number 1 over all of the terms. Along with this comes the most searched query for the ‘How many?’ category, ranking no.1 on ‘How many times has Italy lost the euros?’

Whilst the football has been a top category for the UK, searches relating to social media has also landed the most engagement. Facebook’s outage sparked the highest search for the question category over the year for Is Facebook down? Which top news sites covered with theories and stories for a period of time. 

Explore more of the searches with Google’s Year In Search 2021 below

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