How To Scale Email Marketing

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How To Scale Email Marketing Campaigns

In 2023, email usage is set to reach 4.3 billion users. That’s half of the world’s population. If that doesn’t prove that email marketing is an incredible form of communication for you and your clients, then you may be missing out on a huge opportunity for growth.

Scaling your email marketing will be a chance for you to drive more high quality leads to your business, whilst generating loyal and long-term relationships with current clients. Email marketing strategies will vary depending on your targets from the campaign, yet all of the elements below will be beneficial to any goals you are looking to reach.

Take a look at our top email marketing tips below to start your effective email marketing campaign!

Top 10 Tips For How To Scale Your Email Marketing

1. Grow Your Email List 

Now, to start off your email marketing campaign you are going to need a high-quality email list to start communicating with. This is best done organically, and there are many ways that you can start to build this list. 

It is much more cost-effective to naturally receive this data. Buying an email list will mean that the leads may not qualify, your brand may be harmed, and recipients won’t be as engaged.

Below are a few ways that you can create an email list of current clients and your target audience that will want to hear from you:

  • Add CTAs to landing pages
  • Use social media posts
  • Use forms on your website
  • Ask previous customers for their emails
  • Use competitions and give-aways 
  • Create a subscribers-only platform
  • In transactional emails


2. Segment Your Contacts

Segmenting your contacts will mean that you can simultaneously run more than one campaign to different audiences, depending on your goals. For example, in B2B marketing emails you may have a group of contacts that have purchased from you before or are recurring clients, and another for people you are trying to convert. 

This means that you can keep contacts informed through dynamic content that is relevant to their relationship with your business. Marketers who use segmented campaigns note as much as a 760% increase in revenue, so it is clear to see the success in using this tactic. 

3. Create A Personalised Experience

Have you ever received an email with general, disengaging content? That pitchy sales tone that you instantly know has been sent to a whole sea of emails? I know I have, and that is the type of email that will often get little engagement.

A great email will be relevant to the recipient, as mentioned with the benefits of segmenting email addresses. Personalised emails will instantly grab the reader’s attention, as it feels as though you have gone out of your way to provide them with some sort of content that will help them in one way or another. This will be hugely beneficial to the customer experience and is much more likely to result in a higher open and response rate.

4. Include A Punchy, Emotive Subject Line

The first line you see will be the subject line. This can be the difference between your email being chucked into junk or popped open for a read. 

You want this to be short, direct, and powerful. Make the recipient curious about what’s within, whether that be with the use of an offer, personalisation, or an emotive question. Studies have also recently shown that using emojis in subject lines can trigger higher response rates than those that don’t. 😱

5. Design A Branded Email Template

We now know personalisation is key. So it is time to start using that throughout your email design. Communicate your brand identity across to your audience with the use of your brand colours, fonts, language and logo. 

This is essential to building a powerful brand that will become memorable to the world. You want recipients to instantly recognise that an email is from your business, with consistency across all platforms of distribution. Make sure that the design is responsive across all devices as you need it to be accessible to everyone. 

6. Include Content Marketing

Within your email, you need to be including eye-catching, engaging content that will jump out. This may be in the form of tips, insights, recent news, updates or offers available. 

One way to direct viewers to your website is by including a short snippet of a form of content, such as a blog post. You can then use a ‘read more’ button for people to click through to your website. 

Another successful form of content to use is a case study. This helps recipients build trust with your business and can get them thinking about how your services will benefit them. 

7. Include A Clear, Bold Call To Action

Your CTA needs to be obvious, bold and relevant to the content. Whether your email is asking people to sign up to a service, book a call or direct you to a landing page, they all need powerful copy that will drive that action.

Make sure to also use contrasting colours in the button that are accessible for all and will pop out to readers. This will increase your chances of engagement with your CTA and generating leads.

8. Use A Marketing Automation Platform

Using an email marketing platform will make it much easier for you to segment contacts and automate emails accurately. Some include MailChimp or ActiveCampaign.

These platforms allow you to upload large bulks of contacts, segment them with relevant tags and create email design templates which you can simply duplicate for other emails.

Not only can they help with forming and sending your emails, but can also provide you with information on the success rate of campaigns.

9. Include Imagery Or Video

An initial email with a video receives a click through rate increase of 96%. People will often find it much easier to digest information in the form of a video or graphic, and find it much more engaging than scrolling through chunks of text.

This is why it is important to always include either a form of graphic or video within your emails. Studies have shown that short videos help audiences make a purchase decision, which is an integral part of any email marketing campaign. 

10. Measure Your Results

In order to scale your email marketing, measuring the results of campaigns will allow you to make changes that are specific and driven by data. The process of evaluating previous strategies is incredibly important to improving the performance of future campaigns. 

When evaluating your email marketing campaign, make sure to look at these key elements:

  • Click-through rates: percentage of people who click through into your email
  • Response rates: percentage of people who respond to your email
  • Unsubscribe rates: percentage of people who unsubscribe from your emails
  • Conversion rates: percentage of people who achieved your goal
  • Your ROI: the amount of money returned compared to invested
  • Your bounce rate: percentage of emails that were not successfully delivered


Measuring each of these areas will allow you to realise how many people open your emails and the impact that your campaigns are having financially on your business.

You will also be able to see unsubscribe rates or complaints, and act on this accordingly. It is important to make sure that you are not sending emails to people who do not want to recieve them, otherwise your businesses image could be harmed from word-of-mouth or online complaints that potential clients could see.

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