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Who Is Entering The Metaverse?

As Facebook announces it’s name change and venture into the ‘metaverse’, many other huge organisations are taking a leap to enter the VR world. Metaverse, coined by Neal Stephenson, is described as a digital reality that combines AR, VR, and potentially cryptocurrencies to allow online users to interact with each other and brands. 

With the recent popularity surrounding this buzzword, businesses are jumping at the opportunity to enter their own metaverse. Below, we explored 4 organisations that are breaking into the digital world.

3 Businesses Making The Most Of The Metaverse

1. Nikeland

Nike has revealed ‘Nikeland’, it’s very own digital world on their platform Roblox. Users will be able to immerse themselves into an online world inspired by the Nike headquarters, where they can compete with others, earn tokens to unlock items, and even try on products in a digital showroom. 

Not only can you take part in Nike’s games such as ‘The floor is lava’, but you also have the ability to design your own mini-games from simple editing tools. This allows you to personalise your experience, along with being able to try on new clothes, shoes, and accessories through tokens earnt in games.

2. Microsoft

Microsoft has begun rolling out ‘Mesh for Microsoft Teams’, which is designed to make online meetings more engaging and interactive. Users are able to join meetings as a customised avatar of themselves, whilst having the capability to build their own digital spaces within teams to meet. This creates an innovative meeting platform where users can feel as though they are in a space with others, and communicate in a more personal way.

microsoft metaverse

3. Dyson

Dyson, the household appliance giant has also built a virtual world of its own. Named ‘Dyson Demo VR’, the platform introduces VR technology to allow customers to try out Dyson technology from their own homes using a headset. This allows users to experience and experiment with products in their own digital world before making purchasing decisions.

What Does The Metaverse Means For The Future?

With Facebook’s recent evolution, huge tech companies and organisations are developing ways in which their organisations can follow into the metaverse. Whilst VR has been around for years, there has been a recent hype and excitement surrounding the digital world; from tech advances, remote working, and popularity circulating around crypto. As we can see, the metaverse is already shaping future endeavours for many of the biggest companies, but will these changes be positive? 

Decentralised Vs Centralised Platforms

The question surrounding whether the metaverse will be damaged by current social media corporations, or allow for decentralised platforms to break through is on many people’s minds. If decentralisation comes into play for the metaverse, run by blockchain technology, users will have control of how the network runs, better supervision and security over data.

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