The Importance Of Mobile Optimisation

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Optimise Your Website For Mobile

52% of all website traffic is generated from mobile phones. This is a key statistic to show just how important mobile optimisation is for your website. This process ensures that the customer’s experience is no different no matter how they are accessing your website, and Google will take this into account when ranking your web pages.

You wouldn’t leave a cluttered mess that isn’t usable when viewing your website on desktop, so why ignore it for mobile? Not only is it incredibly important to work on your website design, but there are also many other areas to work on in order to ensure your website is fully optimised for mobile users. 

Why Is Mobile Optimisation Important?

Investing in SEO will boost your visibility in search engines, but if your site is not optimised for mobile then you may be missing out on a huge number of customers. 

70% of searches made on mobile phones lead to an online action. People may be shopping as they commute, searching for services whilst cooking dinner, or products in the office; and you need to be ready for all of these circumstances!

Top 3 Tips For Mobile Optimisation

Responsive Design

When creating a website, the design needs to be responsive on any device, such as viewers from a mobile screen. This means that when being viewed on multiple screen sizes, the UI instantly adapts and is all as it should be for your potential customers. 

Versions of your site web design may even be designed slightly differently for bigger or smaller screens, such as larger text and buttons. This will improve the user experience for visitors clicking onto your responsive site. 

When diving deeper into your website, structured data also affects mobile a little differently. If you are unsure what structured data is, it is used to highlight specific areas of your website pages for search engines to accurately understand the context. You can learn more about this here.

Quick Loading Speed

Your mobile site’s load time needs to be just as quick as on desktop. You will need to make sure that images are optimised correctly, redirects are kept low and limit overloading the website design with too many images or custom fonts. If you work on each of these elements you will see a considerably faster loading speed for your website.

Nearly half of mobile users switch to your competitor instead after a bad experience with your website for mobile. This means even if you are visible in mobile search results, your target audience may simply move onto other businesses to buy their services if you are not quick enough.

Local SEO

Local SEO refers to the optimisation of your website for location based search queries. An example you have probably entered before includes ‘restaurant near me’. The results that then appear in front of you will be in your geographic location for you to find. As these searches are usually on the move, mobile is the most popular device used for these types of queries.

This means it is important that you are adding local elements to your website; such as honing on local keywords, adding location-based web pages, listing your business in directories and setting up a page for people to leave reviews.

All of this will not only boost your local SEO, but it will also encourage people to purchase from your business. People build trust easily with companies if there is a list of reviews to back you.

When done successfully, potential visitors entering relevant search queries may even find your business in the local 3-pack at the top of the SERP, where 44% of people click.

E-Commerce Mobile Trends To Watch Out For

Voice Shopping

Optimising your website for mobile voice search is one of the up and coming trends of 2021. Voice commerce is a new technology that allows people to search for items or services by using voice rather than typing into a search engine.

This allows shoppers to quickly search for items, wherever they may be. When looking at search terms to target, it is useful to look for more human-like queries, such as questions or more casual keywords.


Having a chatbot installed on your website is a great way for visitors to easily communicate with people at your business. Making sure that this addition works seamlessly when visitors are accessing your website via mobile will make a huge difference to your conversions and client base growth.

If you want to find out more about chatbots and why they are so effective for increasing conversion rates, visit our blog here exploring this innovative technology.

Web Push Notifications

Web push notifications are an alert that visitors can view via desktop or mobile. Visitors can opt-in for this, which can provide people with CTAs to push a desired action. This function is not yet supported for iOS and is only available for Android users. 

Some of the browsers that support this feature include Firefox, Chrome, Opera and Safari via the web. 

Audeo Specialise In Mobile SEO For Businesses

At Audeo, we grow and scale businesses through the use of multiple marketing tactics and techniques. Our team specialises in both SEO and website design, understanding exactly what it takes to get your website visible online whilst ensuring that it is responsive across all devices. 

With the help of our services, you will see high rankings in search engines, increased website visitors, and a clear ROI from your marketing spend. Our founders have built multiple businesses from the ground up, enabling us to understand exactly what it takes to grow a business successfully.

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