Elementor and SEO: How To Optimise Your WordPress Website

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How Elementor and SEO Work Together

WordPress page builders such as Elementor not only provide a stunning website builder to showcase your work, but also allow Elementor users to effectively optimise your site pages and integrate the Yoast SEO plugin. 

Serving over 5 million websites, Elementor is a page builder plugin leading the way on WordPress for businesses across the world. However, simply designing a beautiful website in the Elementor editor isn’t always enough to get you visible online, especially if you are a small business trying to break into the market. You also need to be optimising your pages to ensure your target audience can find you. 

What Is SEO?

SEO (search engine optimization) refers to the ability to optimise various elements on your website pages so that you can rank highly in search engines. This process involves optimising multiple different components on your website for Google to measure and decide how highly you should be ranking. 

This includes both on-page and off-page SEO. Not only does your site structure need to be clear for Google to crawl and have a quick loading page speed, but you also need engaging content that incorporates appropriate keywords you are looking to target.

Each page should have converting, emotive copy that will drive an action in your audience, yet is also effectively optimised to become visible for certain search queries entered.

Elementor and SEO Elements

Your Elementor pages have the ability to be fully optimised so that you are reaching your target audience. With the help of Yoast working with Elementor to increase your website visibility, optimisation has been made clearer and more efficient.

This Yoast SEO tab in the WordPress editor provides you with a readability and SEO score, allowing you to make improvements in appropriate locations.

Take a look below to see what affects SEO and your chances of ranking highly in search results.

Optimising your SEO title: 

The title of your page needs to be short, powerful, and relevant to the content within the page. You should always include the keyword or synonyms you are ranking for at the beginning of this title.

Adding keywords to your meta description:

Your meta description is your chance to add a little bit more information about what is within the page, yet should still be short and direct. Make sure to also include the keyword you are looking to rank for here.

Adding a relevant slug:

The slug is the additional text that will appear in your URL to communicate what the page is about. This can then be added to if you are looking to add parent pages.

Including outbound and internal links:

Within the page, always include internal and outbound links. The internal links are where you link to other pages within your website, which will help with navigation and structure. Outbound links can then strengthen your content and show that the information provided will be useful.

Making sure images have relevant alt-tags:

Alt-tags are not only great for accessibility, but crawlers can also then endex your images appropriately as they understand the context easily. This means people entering relevant search queries can find your website through your imagery.

Including the correct word length for your page/post:

The word count of your pages will vary depending on the type of content you are sharing. Google tends to understand information more easily if it is of a higher word count, saying blogs should be at least 300 words.

When the WordPress classic editor integrates with Elementor alongside the Yoast plugin, you have the perfect recipe to design a beautiful website for your business that is optimised, far beyond the default WordPress theme.

In the Elementor editing screen, you can go ahead and add links to text, drag and drop elementor widgets in like imagery and videos, and add tags to your headings that will help Google find your site. 

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