Yell Website Review For Small Business Owners

Yell Website Review: A Lousy Deal For Small Business Owners?

You have probably heard of the Yellow Pages directory? Well, the publishers of that huge clunky book launched back in 1996: An online business directory created to list small businesses online for anyone to reach. Along with this came the marketing business section, where we have seen poor Yell website reviews become apparent.

The addition of Yell Business serves a variety of digital marketing tools including website design, SEO services, social media, smart performance and pay per click. 

The negative Yell website reviews over the years keep piling up since realising the huge charges for little in return. 

When you are a small business marketing, it can be easy to run to the first site you have heard about to quickly get your business up and running online. However, in the long term, the vast majority of Yell customers will run into difficulties with Yell’s products, and find that the results fall short to the extortionate pricing. 


Five Reasons To Stop Paying Yell Business To Power Your Website

1. Unimaginative, Standard Template Designs

Your website is your digital shop; helping to increase credibility, trust, and control for your business. This gives a glimpse for your clients or customers into who you are and where you fit into the market. 

Yell builds business websites using template designs that have been used over and over for thousands of customers, creating little originality between websites. 

Having a website that really speaks for itself and communicates some personality across to visitors is essential. However, by using Yells offerings, you are getting the same old layouts time and time again.


2. Expensive And Hidden Costs For Essential Add-Ons

Now, the costs are mind blowing for the services provided, and I’m sure you have probably seen other Yell reviews stating the same.

You are effectively ‘renting’ a website with a 12 month Yell contract. 

Prices start at £399 for a basic Yell website design & build, heading up to £3,499 for the ‘ultimate’ package. Whilst some features are priced into this package, you then have more additional costs for several add-ons that can have your fees growing quickly. Yell even offers extra charges to have Google Analytics installed.

Simply take a look here at the negative reviews on TrustPilot to see what previous Yell clients have to say about their experiences.

Yell Review
Yell Review 2

3. Lack Of Genuine Support From Yell Employees

Yell sales agents are driven by the amount of money they are making, rather than providing real support to each individual customer. Yell pays the sales team based on commission, therefore running at a fast pace to get the largest number of customers on their lists.

Having a supportive team behind you when growing your online presence is essential for small businesses. You want to have a good relationship with the people you are paying to find you more customers, and with that trust comes long-term results for your company.


4. Little Control Over Your Website

If you build a website with Yell, you can expect to see a lack of control in the process. Whilst they offer a free web design option with the use of Wix, in the long run this will be much harder to optimise on Google and lacks professionalism. 

When paying to have a world class website designed, your site will belong to you. It will perfectly mirror your brand ethos with all elements optimised, and collaboration will be at the forefront. 

Ultimately, you want a website which you fully own & have full control over.


5. Lack Of ROI Measurements

What You Should Get From Paying For A Website:

  • CPA: Cost per acquisition is the most important metric for marketers. This is used to track how much money you are making from how much you are spending on acquiring new customers.
  • LTV: This is used to measure the lifetime value for users acquired through different platforms. This will help you improve specific areas to gain a higher profit for your business.
  • Conversion rates: This is the measurement of the number of visitors to your website who actually result in a conversion, such as making a payment. With this information, you can make sure to improve your website effectively where needed.
  • Call To Actions: CTAs are essential to every website. They are used to encourage visitors to take an action; whether that be purchases, sign-ups, or bookings.
  • Live chat: Live chats increase customer satisfaction and will help with customer acquisition and conversions. The quick responses build credibility and will boost sales for your business.
  • Quality website copy: Writing high converting sales copy will ensure visitors remain engaged on your site. By creating and adapting the copy, you will help to consistently maximise conversions being made through your site.


Yell Vs. Ultimate Solution With Proven ROI

Yell Vs Excellent Website

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