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Creating a professional and eye-catching WordPress website design is key to unlocking more customers. We are a WordPress agency specialising in web development and design for WordPress sites, whether that be small businesses looking for a completely new website or larger ones on the hunt for a refresh. Our custom WordPress sites are designed to mirror your brand perfectly, incorporating an incredible user experience, whilst being optimised from the get-go to ensure high rankings in search engines.





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What is WordPress used for?

WordPress is a content management system used across the world, powering 39.5% of websites. You are able to design websites from scratch, use WordPress development tools to code in additional features to your site, and easily customise or update any existing content.

Not only is this design and development platform friendly to use, but it is also built to make optimisation efficient and effective. This means your website will be visible and structured appropriately for Google, ensuring a quick loading speed, responsiveness and correct use of links. We are also able to prioritise keywords you may be looking to rank for in specific pages or blogs.

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Stunning website designs that will keep visitors on your site.

Rise in customers and traffic to your WordPress site.

Bold and clear CTAs to increase conversions.

Clear ROI from your web design spend. You will see the results.

What Can You Expect To See?

Audeo offers a variety of WordPress services


WordPress Website Design Services

Our website design and development services for WordPress have been used for a number of companies in varying sectors. We understand exactly what goes into designing a beautiful website, targeting specific audiences to gain a high number of visitors. Your website design will benefit from a stunning user interface, powerful copy, beautiful aesthetics and ease in navigation. This will all be responsive, ensuring accessibility across all devices such as mobile with clear and bold call to actions. Our WordPress designers have experience in creating business websites, ecommerce sites, and personal blogging platforms.

As a digital marketing agency specialising in SEO, we know exactly how to get your WordPress website seen. Each website design we undertake will have SEO at the forefront of our plan, taking various elements into consideration throughout the design process. This will include appropriate use of title tags, alt-tags, meta-descriptions & much more. We will also add social media links to boost your presence online and direct visitors to other important platforms for your business.

If necessary, we are also able to optimise and integrate any ecommerce sites in use such as Shopify with WordPress to increase conversions. This will ensure your business website is running smoothly with your online store, and grabbing your customers attention. Our WordPress experts are also able to integrate innovative features to increase your lead generation with the use of chatbots, pop-ups and sign up forms.

We can offer on-going support for your WordPress website if appropriate, and will provide you with an editing tutorial so that you can go into your site and change any WordPress theme and template content as you please. This is why WordPress is so versatile and respected, businesses have the ability to log into the backend of their site and change or add content when needed to fit business updates or different marketing strategies. 

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If you are looking to create a website that is both beautiful and optimised, our WordPress web design agency is your solution. With vast experience in web design and development projects for a huge variety of industries, we know exactly how to tailor your design to best fit your brand identity. When we build your website, it will be fully customisable by you, and optimised ready to pull in your target audience entering relevant search queries.

As a full service digital marketing agency, we also offer a range of services to help businesses grow. These include SEO, lead generation, content marketing, PPC, video marketing and outsourced CMO services. Our team are passionate about helping businesses reach their maximum potential and will come up with a strategy tailored to your goals. Get in touch with our team on hello@weareaudeo.com to book your discovery call.


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