Why is Digital Marketing Effective?

Digital marketing is helping grow businesses from the ground up across the globe. In this current age, it is virtually impossible to generate high levels and consistent profit without some form of digital marketing strategy in your marketing campaign. So why is digital marketing effective? 

The digital market has grown exponentially since the turn of the millenia, and businesses are increasingly utilising this arena to find new products and services. 

Digital marketing offers a completely new set of benefits which traditional marketing cannot compete with. This method of marketing ensures that any business can effectively market themselves against the competition, no matter the size. 

Digital marketing is capable of creating amazing results, even on a modest budget. However, in order to obtain these results, your business needs a solid digital marketing strategy. 

Audeo explores why digital marketing is effective.  

Trackable and Measurable results

Unlike radio advertisements or billboards, which are difficult to track the success of, every digital marketing tactic you use is easily measurable. Analytics articulate exactly how and why your marketing campaign is successful (or not). For each of the different marketing tools, there is a different strategy to measure progress. 

For SEO, Google Analytics can track website traffic, specifics on the identity of those who click on your page, and bounceback percentages. Plus, you can see for yourself the success of your campaign by where you are ranking on Google search results. 

In addition, by using A/B split testing, you can measure and compare the success of two different web pages or blogs. This can help your business learn and improve your digital marketing strategies. 

Social media campaigns also offer results that are easily measurable and trackable. Instagram has its own analytics tool to track engagement and conversions. If you created a range of instagram posts over a period of time, you could compare between the analytical results to see which kinds of posts are most successful with your target audience. 

By having trackable and measurable results greatly improves the success of your campaign. When you measure what’s working and what isn’t in real time, you have the ability to adjust your strategy to improve there and then, and in the future. Furthermore, it allows you to use your marketing budget tactically for what is most effective for your business, improving your return on investment (ROI). 

Easier to Target Specific Audiences

Traditional marketing methods can somewhat reach specific audiences, however, the wonders of technology allows every digital marketing campaign to target as specific or as vague target audiences as you desire.  

Demographic information and characteristics aid your digital marketing campaigns to be more targeted. Pay Per Click (PPC) and social media marketing methods can use this information to target groups of people who are most likely to be interested in your product or service.

Facebook advertising is an effective way to target these audiences. Facebook’s algorithm helps target your business’ digital media advertisements to the correct audience. Profile information, such age, location, and gender, and profile activity, including liked or searched pages, is all utilised in a digital marketing campaign to ensure that your business information is being exposed to individuals who are actually interested. This is the same for LinkedIn, which will display relevant and interesting content to profiles which matches their activity. 

Furthermore, LinkedIn’s advanced search function also aids the quest for a specific targeted audience. Manually, or using a lead generation automation tool, you can search for new leads that are high quality and tailored to your business. LinkedIn offers filters such as geographical location, industry, professional level, and specific company. This allows you to save time by targeting potential customers that have a high probability of being interested in your company. 

Generating traffic to your website is also central to a digital marketing campaign. An SEO marketing strategy can not only improve traffic to your site, but ensure that the website visitors are targeted and interested.

SEO helps you reach specific audiences by tailoring your website to specific web searches relevant to your business. This means that your website visitors arrive at the site intentionally, searching for a specific product or piece of information, as opposed to just browsing. Targeted traffic improves conversion rates as they are more inclined to purchase a product or engage with your service. 

Furthermore, by targeting audiences that you know are interested in your products, you will greatly improve your ROI. You are focusing on a specific, interested audience that results in high return, as opposed to a vague, larger audience with just a hope of interested customers. 

Builds Brand Loyalty

Digital marketing holds a great deal of power when it comes to brand loyalty. Despite the flood of information and content from companies online, your business can utilise specific marketing channels to build a loyal client base or following. 

Email marketing, for example, is an inexpensive and effective form of marketing for generating brand awareness and loyalty. eMarketer reported that email marketing delivered four times the ROI than other marketing methods. Targeting clients or interested leads with high quality email content, with an appealing call-to-action, and a first-class landing page will help keep these businesses loyal to your company.

Furthermore, despite being the oldest form of marketing online, it has not lost its value. Particularly for B2B companies, email marketing is crucial in ensuring a strong relationship with existing or potential clients. 

Ready-Made Audience

To put it simply, digital marketing is effective because a great deal of the global population, particularly in the global north, are in the digital world. Having an online presence is crucial for promoting your brand and generating new clients. 

The phrase ‘just google it’ is a frequently used term in the english language. Having a website that ranks well on google is imperative in building a customer base.

Vimeo found that 93% of online experiences start with a search engine. Businesses searching for a product or service will often turn to google as their first port of call. This is usually followed by a check of social media. Ensuring your business’ website and social media are high quality, therefore, is crucial in getting the highest quality clients for your business. 

Formatting your website to have a fast load speed, perform well on mobile devices, and improve its crawlability, is crucial in ensuring your business has high traffic from businesses interested in what you have to offer.

Improves Conversion Rates

As this article has so far shown, one of the benefits of digital marketing is that it improves conversion rates. For each digital marketing strategy, your conversion rate holds a different strength. 

For PPC, your conversions can be immediate. This marketing method allows your business to get instant visibility to your target audience, driving warm leads straight to your website from social media.    

For a web design marketing strategy, its strength is their ability to increase the seamlessness of conversion. Ensuring websites are accessible, mobile friendly, and have obvious and enticing call-to-actions is a fail-safe way to improve conversion rates. If targeted traffic from a strong SEO campaign reaches your website, and the information is clear, the page loads effectively, and there is an evident call-to-action, conversion rates will improve for your business.  

Cost Effective

An age-old perception of marketing campaigns is that they are tailored for big businesses with an extensive marketing budget and a large marketing team. These big businesses dominate the ad space, leaving little room for small businesses to represent their brand. While this can be true for traditional marketing campaigns, digital marketing is much more accessible. The cost effective nature of digital marketing levels the playing field for companies, regardless of their size. 

Many digital marketing methods are cheaper because they are easier to generate a return of investment. As previous points have shown, by formulating and targeting a specific audience, you can spend less budget on multiple advertisements, but still improve conversion rates, as you are targeting hot leads. 

For some marketing tools, the real cost is time. Strategies, such as SEO and content writing, display great results, but the process is time-consuming. That being said, there are a range of digital marketing strategies that are much quicker. Pay Per Click (PPC) and Social media advertising can produce results the moment the advertisement goes live. 

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