Why Google Analytics Is Essential For Your Website

Audeo presents you 6 reasons why Google Analytics is essential for the growth of your website. We explore how it can track every aspect of your site, ensuring you understand where you are going wrong, what to improve and understanding your exact audience to tailor your business to.

1. Measuring Your Website Traffic

Google Analytics is highly effective in measuring the traffic coming in to your website. This tool available can give you three pieces of information: pageviews, unique pageviews and sessions. Pageviews is the measurement of your page being loaded in a browser, (If a user clicks reload after reaching the page, this is counted as an additional pageview). Unique pageviews is recognised as the number of sessions during which that page was viewed one or more times. Lastly, a session is measured as the number of interactions with your website which take place within a given time frame. All of this is essential in understanding how well your website is interacting with your audience, and will enable you to improve your products.

2. Understanding Where Your Visitors Are Located

Being able to locate your current or growing audience is key in creating content and campaigns. Google Analytics is able to determine locations from a visitor’s IP addresses, which helps you better understand your market and encourages direction in where to tailor your content and services towards.

3. Effective Goal Tracking

You are able to set 4 types of goals using Google Analytics, these include:

Destination – A specific location
Duration – Sessions which last an amount of time or longer
Pages/Screens per session – Specific number of pages a user views
Event – An action is triggered

By setting goals you are able to understand how well your site achieves your target objectives. As a business, you can monitor your goals to see just how well your website is improving, enabling you to constantly be moving in the right direction.

4. Measuring Your Bounce Rate

Your bounce rate occurs when someone visits your website and leaves without clicking to view any further pages in your site. Google Analytics is able to measure this for you and present the percentage in your report. This is crucial to a business in realising whether your landing page is not engaging your customers and is not relevant to your service; a high bounce rate means that your content is not targeted towards your audience.

5. Average Session Duration

Google Analytics is also able to calculate the duration of time that people are spending on your website. 2 – 3 minutes is classed as a ‘good session duration’, with enough time for users to engage with your website and hopefully understand your CTA. If you were not able to measure the time people are spending on your website, you could miss a pivotal part of improvement needed in your web content and design.

6. Track User Age, Gender and Interests

Demographic reports in Google Analytics are able to show you the gender, age and interests of the people visiting your site. This can be highly effective in understanding your audience and tailoring your business towards them, which can massively grow your sales. Your business can then plan effectively for future campaigns and trends enabling you to be strategic with the development of future content.

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