Why Content Marketing Is So Important

Content marketing is a proven technique in building a successful company. The benefits of implementing a content marketing campaign into a digital marketing strategy are endless; this will help with building brand recognition, allow potential customers to build trust through the valuable content you share, and maintain relationships that ultimately lead to sales. Sharing content you create on both your social media platforms and website will help reach your target audience; equally with the use of SEO elements, will make you more visible in search engines. We are going to talk through why content marketing is so important, and how you can implement it into your online marketing efforts.

3 Key Benefits Of Content Marketing

1. Build Valuable Relationships Through Content Marketing

Sharing high-quality content that’s insightful for followers will help you interact with your customers on a more personal level. The buyers’ journey starts with trust, and with the use of consistent content, you can show people that you value them in your business. By offering free tips and solutions to people online you will increase the chances of your content being shared to their profiles reaching further audiences, and ultimately become a profitable outcome.

2. Generate Leads

An audience is much more likely to purchase products or services when they are provided with visual representations. When sharing content, you can pull in further audiences from the use of multiple platforms and increase your followers. People can then use CTAs included in your posts to reach your website and learn more about your business, helping to increase organic traffic and directly purchase the product through your website.

3. Increases Brand Recognition

Content marketing is important in building brand recognition and your unique identity. With a social media marketing strategy in place, you can create content within your brand guidelines, that will become instantly recognisable as your business for people scrolling past. As an SME, you can face the challenge of standing out in a feed of competitors. When people are able to recall a business, it can be much easier to pass on details, dominate your market, and become popular online.

Examples Of Content Marketing

Blog Posts

Including a resource or blog page on your website is a great way to share an SEO driven piece of content. This provides a space in which visitors will keep coming back to, and where you can write on relevant topics, insights, or tips for online users. Make sure that your posts are relevant and will communicate effectively with your target audience, and add social media links so that the visitors can share the content further. With the use of your businesses social pages, you can then post these blogs and keep a consistent flow of content being released.

Graphics And Video Content

65% of people are visual learners. This is why sharing graphics and video content is incredibly important. Create eye-catching graphics or images following brand guidelines: these can include an insight into your industry, customer stories to build authority or tips about the services you offer. The use of infographics can also provide a space to communicate clear information in a visual format and are very likely to be shared further.

Videos are another great way to catch the attention of your target audience, with a huge 83% of video marketers saying that video helps them with lead generation. Videos are a useful source of media to show people how to use your product or services and introduce your business on a personal level. 

Email Marketing

Including an email marketing campaign in a content marketing strategy can be highly effective. Once you have developed content for other platforms, you can then share this further with a specific target audience and retain customer attention. Make sure that the content you are sharing is helpful to your audience in some way, and will make a difference to them. Use an engaging subject line that the reader will want to open, and provide a clear CTA within your template that your audience can easily follow. 

When designing your email marketing template, make it personalised to your unique identity to again increase brand recognition. This will prompt opening as a sense of trust will of been built between the client and yourself, and will look professional to your audience.

Audeo, Your Content Marketing Agency

At Audeo, we understand the importance of content marketing. We are a specialist agency with vast experience in multiple sectors; with an understanding of growing businesses from the ground up. We will get people talking about your brand, through the use of eye-catching, effective content across a range of mediums. At Audeo, we are able to offer a full range of content marketing services, including the following:

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