What Should A Landing Page Contain

What Should A Great Landing Page Contain?

Your landing page is significant for lead generation. Imagine this as your physical shop; as soon as potential buyers walk through the door, they want items to grab their attention, transparent pricing, actual proof of a product or service and obvious direction of how they can make any purchases. An effective landing page does all of this virtually and will be the difference between a low and high conversion rate for your business. Don’t forget, that by creating a good landing page, you will benefit from SEO and become more visible in search engines. You can also test your landing pages and obtain important data for strategies going forward. Below, we are going to discuss the four essential elements of what a landing page should contain, and how you can go about implementing this.

How To Create A Landing Page That Converts Visitors:

1. Concise, Engaging Landing Page Headline

From the get-go, make it clear precisely what you are trying to communicate to visitors. Your customer or client should instantly understand what it is your company is offering them, with an ordered structure to navigate through. Within your landing page headlines, let the reader know what it is you are doing, your USP (unique selling point) and what you can do for them that goes above and beyond your competitors. In terms of visualisation, make this bold and eye-catching so it can’t go a miss. Try to avoid using bullet points here; you want to use a punchy single-line to grab the readers attention.

2. CTA Buttons

Call to actions are a vital element to include on your landing page- this cannot be forgotten. Landing pages can include CTAs through the use of bright buttons or pop-up form fields where an email address or phone number can be given. Always use emotive copy, which will provoke action in visitors and offer something that will help them in some way. This will increase conversion and generate enthusiasm for your product or services.

3. Social Proof: Customer Testimonials 

Include a short section promoting your success stories and comments from other uses. When letting people know of others experience with your business, visitors will feel a sense of trust in your services. Before purchasing something, everyone always looks for past comments or visualisations of the product. When using quotes and stories, you can persuade potential customers that you are successful in your industry. Testimonials are known as one of the most important areas on a website: with a huge 92% of people reading online reviews before purchasing something. This can also be great for link building on your website, which is a major factor in how Google ranks your website.

4. Visuals And Navigation

The design and aesthetics of your landing page will have a massive impact on whether visitors remain on your site or click on your competitors. Make sure that it is easy to follow and images used are relevant to the copy. When using an engaging and effective hero image, you will be able to communicate across your services and give visitors a better understanding of what it is you are offering. A great way to do this is by using an image where your services are in use, allowing the visitor to place themselves in the situation after purchase. Placing additional navigation to product pages and social media platforms can also be an effective way to present your business in further detail for potential buyers. When it comes to the design, always remember to optimise your website for multiple platforms. A landing page designed with mobile-optimisation is a must: Google uses this as a ranking element in search engines.

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