What Are The Advantages Of SEO

What Is SEO In Marketing?

Have you ever wondered how to get your website placed at the top of the search engine results page? Well, by using an effective SEO (search engine optimisation) strategy, you can do precisely that. As a business owner of an SME, growing your online presence to reach new customers and clients is essential for both profit and brand awareness. SEO allows you to become more visible, and most importantly, placed above your competitors so that users will visit your website first. Many elements go into optimising your website to rank highly and ultimately increase conversion rates, yet with these all in full force, the long-term results are a game-changer. We are going to talk you through what are the advantages of SEO with our top 5 benefits, and why implementing a good SEO strategy is vital for any small business looking to reach a wider audience.

What Are The Avantages Of SEO? - 5 Key Benefits

1. Better User-Experience

Search engines are looking for clearly structured, fast websites that are easy to navigate and user-friendly. Building a website that directly communicates your product or service, whilst providing clear CTAs and navigation to other pages will keep visitors on your page longer and lead to higher web traffic. Search engines love this. An SEO optimised website’s characteristics help search engines understand what your website is all about and thus connects your site appropriately to relevant search terms entered. Using SEO services will ensure that your website is mobile-friendly: Google Search announced in 2015 that this element would significantly impact your ranking position.

2. Generates Leads and Builds Brand Awareness

SEO is one of the best ways to increase and keep revenues growing, making it highly cost-effective. SEO and lead generation work hand in hand; whilst implementing on-page SEO elements such as target keywords, content, links, and various off-page components, you enable your website to climb up Google rankings. This results in boosting your brand visibility, encouraging more clicks, and building client-consumer relationships: A huge benefit of SEO!

3. Encourages Physical Visits From Local Searches

As a local business, becoming recognisable at your physical location via online marketing is key to attracting visitors. Focusing on local SEO means that your product or service will become visible to local searches, with easy navigation to your address through the help of Google maps. People are actively searching for “____ near me” or “best ___near me”, and with a local SEO strategy in place, you have the potential to appear in the 3-pack at the top of the SERP (search engines results page) where people receive 9.5% of all clicks.

Advantages of local seo

4. Creates Brand Awareness

When your website ranks highly, people are much more likely to trust your brand and the services provided. When using a successful SEO strategy, this presents to your visitors that you are beating your competitors, increases credibility, and convinces users of your popularity. People want to use a service that others have used before them. Without a high ranking position, websites may appear to visitors as though they are not performing well in their industry or have bad reviews from clients.

5. Increases Social Media Engagement

When your website becomes popular, users will likely navigate from your site through to social media platforms. Gaining followers again allows for further credibility and for a platform in which you can build valuable connections with your consumers. Through social media, you are able to share graphics, information, team photos, and other SEO driven content taken from your website. Whilst many more users click onto your website, we can guarantee that your followers for social platforms will be on the rise too. Social media also creates an area where you can distribute content that is not suitable for websites yet is essential to attracting users. With the ability to like and comment, your followers can also connect, and you can directly communicate with potential customers.

Audeo - Your SEO Company

Keyword Research

Keyword research is vital to enforce in any SEO campaign. We will research relevant keywords for your sector that will be effective to rank for and conduct a competitor analysis so that you can see what your top competitors have been using. We will then take this data and implement it into your content, including website copy and blogs. This will also enforce the aspect of creating a user-friendly website and maintaining relationships through insightful blogs.

Web Design

At Audeo, we build stunning, user-friendly websites for our clients. Our in-house web design team can ensure that the website is beautifully designed whilst aligning with SEO best practices so that you can boost your rankings for all the relevant search terms in your sector. Each of the websites we create are planned and built with SEO at the forefront of our mind, ensuring that you will pull in new visitors and gain more customers through your site.

Content Marketing

Our SEO-driven content includes engaging, eye-catching blogs and service pages. We have experience creating compelling content for multiple sectors and can deliver this content on any chosen topic. Using the keyword research undertaken, we can write fully optimised content and design graphics to use on both your website and social media platforms.

Link Building

Link building is a significant factor in Google rankings. At Audeo, we have specialists who can help with internal linking and obtaining backlinks from other website content. This allows Google to crawl your website and prove your credibility from being found on other websites. By using internal linking, we can also help visitors navigate through your website smoothly and give authority to the most important pages on your website, which are most likely to generate sales.

Site Health and Support

Keeping on top of your websites health and any issues that may occur along the way is pivotal to ensuring that your website continues to rank highly. When looking at your health score, we will be able to improve elements such as website loading speed, crawlability issues, and your site structure to maximise user experience. We can also provide you with monthly reports to stay on top of the specific areas addressed and monitor your website’s progress.

Lead Generation

We offer multiple lead generation services in addition to SEO, including PPC, email marketing, social media strategies, and our successful Lead Magic platform. The lead generation product has been hugely successful for multiple B2B businesses, by connecting your LinkedIn account to create highly targeted campaigns, ensuring you are speaking to people who are genuinely interested in what you have to offer. We also offer a range of packages and budgets to suit businesses of all sizes!

Let Audeo Show You The Advantages Of SEO

We are a full-service digital marketing agency focused on helping SMEs grow their online presence and find more customers. We can work with you to select the right marketing techniques for your business and ensure we fully understand your goals, values, and target audience. Having a highly successful experience in multiple sectors, we know exactly how to run a killer SEO campaign that will get your business maximum results. Email to book a discovery call or to find out more about our Bristol-based digital marketing agency; let us show you exactly what are the advantages of SEO!

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