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Our unique approach to building websites.

At Audeo, we take building websites to a whole new level. We know that just having a beautiful website simply isn’t enough and that your website needs to be found and be accessible to your audience. That’s why we build websites with SEO and conversion rates in mind from day 1 of your project.








Watch your visitor numbers rise.

We ensure you don’t only get a stunning website that fits perfectly with your brand guidelines but you also get a fully optimised and practical website that you have full control over and can edit yourself.

This means you won’t get stuck and frustrated further down the line when you can’t make simple changes or add simple features without spending more money. This is what makes our approach different.

Plastic expert web design

Stunning designs that perfectly mirror your brand identity.

Rise in website traffic from both optimisation and professionalism.

Increased lead generation from clear and bold CTAs.

Clear ROI from your web design spend. You will see the results.

What Can You Expect To See?

Famous Case Study

Customise your website as you please.

We ensure you get a fully customisable, beautiful website that is ready to be adapted to suit all the different marketing strategies and tactics you want to employ. This is what our clients love about their websites. If they want to add a picture, change a headline or update a case study they can do it themselves in a matter of minutes. We can also easily implement and add new features when required. For clients in the past, this has included live chats, pop-ups and lead capture forms.








four steps to success

Our Website Development Process

This is where we find out everything we need to know about your business. What makes it special, what your perfect customer looks like, and what your short-term and long-term goals are. We will then plan out your website, its structure and some initial design ideas.

We will then design and build a stunning and functional homepage for your site and set up a call with you to give you the chance to collaborate and feedback your own ideas.

Once you’re happy with the design and style of the homepage we will then develop the rest of the site with the same style and brand guidelines. We will fully optimise your site with SEO best practices and ensure it looks amazing on mobile and tablet.

After we have finished your website and you are happy with it, you will then have a call with a member of our web team where will give you a login to the backend of your website so you can access it anytime. We will also give you a tutorial on how you can make simple edits to your website including changing images and adding copy.


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