Top 5 Free SAS Tools For Every SME

In the digital world of cloud computing, there are three main strands of the concept that every marketing team should know. They are Software as a Service (SAAS), Infrastructure as a Service (IAAS), and Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS). In truth, though, it’s the former that you are most likely to use for marketing purposes – not least because the marketplace is saturated with stunning products, many of which are entirely free to use.

SAAS is essentially any software that the team can access online via a third-party operator. This can be software that is used via a browser or an App that works through an internet connection. As such, most people are familiar with using SAAS in one form or another. Here are five free digital marketing tools that your business should be using to aid the cause without dipping into the marketing budget, perfect for small business owners! 

#1. Google Analytics

The world of search engine optimisation can be confusing. Luckily Google Analytics is arguably the most popular analytical SAAS tool on the market, and it’s not hard to see why. Aside from being completely free to use, it is provided by the world’s biggest website while it also offers a host of different features and a fully customisable dashboard that you can tailor the service to your needs. Crucially, the information that it provides can completely transform your approach to marketing thanks to the valuable insight into your website and its visitors.

Installing Google Analytics onto your site is very easy, and it will automatically collate the information before presenting on the dashboard. You can see everything from number of web visits to bounce rates and time on site. It’ll even highlight which pages cause people to leave your site and which ones generate sales. When combined with the insight into which marketing campaigns are actually bringing traffic to the site, you can make time and cost saving adjustments to your site for maximum efficiency and ROIs.

#2. Salesforce

The concept of Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is something that all marketing teams should embrace with open arms, and Salesforce is the perfect tool to generate great results. Salesforce allows you to track each stage on the customer’s journey to conversion with accuracy and ease. Whether those interactions come through emails, web visits, phone calls, or any other medium doesn’t matter. The data will be stored and organised in one place.

Obvious benefits are that you can collect and monitor leads while also giving your sales staff the opportunity to provide consistency when speaking to a client that has already spoken to a colleague. The insight into customer behaviours can also help you create engaging campaigns and emails while unearthing better sales opportunities by tracking trends. Salesforce can also be integrated with other SAAS platforms to provide simple management and a better overall experience for employees and clients alike.

#3. Wistia

The benefits of video marketing have been made clearer than ever in recent years, with research showing that it boosts conversion rates while over half of all marketing experts identify video as the number one solution in terms of ROI. While YouTube is the obvious web hosting platform, Wistia is one that should be utilised by all businesses looking to gain a deeper understanding of the viewers so that they can be turned into customers through improved and targeted interactions.

In addition to offering a customisable high resolution video player that uses simple ‘drag and drop’ organisation and simple embedding, Wistia provides full analytics including heat maps and insight into viewer trends. This is supported by the ability to add Calls-to-Action (CTAs) such as email opt-in prompts as well as the use of video SEO. While you may still wish to use YouTube due to its huge viewership, incorporating Wistia on-site and your social media platforms can pay dividends.

#4. GoToMeeting

SAAS isn’t limited to tools aimed at enhancing the customer relations. There are also a range of tools aimed to aid internal communications, and GoToMeeting is one of the best. The video conferencing software allows you to arrange and conduct team meetings with up to 100 people from all around the globe. This allows you to save time and money by cutting out a large percentage of your business trips. All of conversations can be enjoyed with HD quality too.

GoToMeeting boasts many great features such as easy scheduling and one-click recording. The aspect that sets it aside from other items on the market is the screen sharing and remote computer control in which you can hand control over to another user. Sharing applications in real time truly brings meetings to life and will empower your team. Meanwhile, you can still choose to host private one-to-one meetings or smaller group meetings for when only senior members of the team need to be involved. Running an efficient team couldn’t be simpler.

#5. HubSpot

The truth of the matter is that you’ll almost certainly use a range of SAAS tools in order to enhance your business. Nonetheless, HubSpot is an all-in-one solution that should almost certainly use in business. It can improve your approach to blogging, SEO, landing pages, A/B testing, CRM, email marketing, and virtually every other aspect of connecting to your customers in an engaging fashion that’s built with conversions in mind. You can even build websites through this tool.

HubSpot boasts an extremely user-friendly design and can be used alongside a variety of other SAAS tools, giving users optimum control and flexibility over their website and marketing endeavours. The powerful platform can be broken into its marketing, sales, and service hubs. All of them have a lot to offer both individually and in conjunction with each other. Become a master of this free SAAS platform, and the results will blow your mind.


SAAS applications and platforms have the power to completely transform your business marketing strategy, but only when you use the right programs. The five above are all blessed with killer features to enhance every aspect of your digital marketing campaigns. 

For further information on using the best SAAS facilities, the Audeo marketing team is here to help.

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