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Our founders have a track record in building businesses in the music sector from the ground  

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We provide clear and concise reporting on all the SEO activities we conduct so you can maximise your ROI.

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We work hard to understand what makes your business special so we can create unique SEO packages

We Specialise In SEO for Record Labels

Many record labels are missing out on the chance to find new clients by not implementing an SEO strategy for their business. There are over 3.5 billion searches made on Google every day and there is no doubt increasing your visibility for these searches using SEO is the most effective and cost-effective way of increasing your website enquires. The music industry is changing and it is more vital than ever for record labels and other music companies to have a large online presence and a comprehensive digital marketing strategy so people can discover your business. Our founders at Audeo have vast experience in the music and tech industry, having built several successful businesses from the ground up. This means we know what it takes to grow and scale your business using SEO and other related music marketing services.

Why Is SEO important for record labels?

More than ever artists are using search engines to find a suitable record label or music company that suits their needs. If your website is not visible on Google for all the key search terms in your sector then you are losing out on clients your competitors are gaining. At Audeo, we will work hard to understand your business, what you specialise in, and what kind of artists you are trying to attract. We will then come up with a killer SEO strategy for your record label that is specifically designed to boost your website search rankings and drive more customers to your business.

We combine the following activities to form your personalised SEO strategy

We work hard to ensure you get the most out of your budget for SEO

Keyword Research

At the heart of any SEO campaign is a comprehensive keyword research analysis that tells you what search terms your target audience are using on Google and how difficult they are to rank high up on the search results for. This will give you a list of keywords that your business should be ranking for in order to increase your website traffic. The trick is to target the keywords that aren’t too difficult but still have a high volume of people searching for them each month. We will advise you on what we believe are the best ones to target and will then start putting together a bespoke SEO strategy that is unique to your business.

Keyword research
Website design

On-page seo

Once the target keywords have been selected, the next step is to start optimising your web content in order to boost its rankings. This will include content creation, with fresh new service pages and blogs being added to your website, SEO optimising existing pages and improving the metadata of your site including your title tags and meta descriptions to encourage people to click through to your website.

Technical SEO

It is crucial to ensure all the technical aspects of your website are up to scratch in order to boost your organic search results. This includes improving your site health score, load speed and crawlability which tells Google your website offers a great user experience and therefore, should rank above your competitors.

Marketing strategy

Local SEO

Local SEO is a crucial part of any successful SEO campaign for record labels. This will ensure you appear high up the search results for people that are searching near where your label is based. This will massively help you increase your website enquires as people tend to favour companies local to them, especially for personal and hands-on services like record labels.

Link Building

One of the most effective ways to boost your rankings is through backlinks, which is when another website links to a page on your website. This tells Google your website can be trusted and that us offers valuable information to your audience. We offer a range of link building services to suit every business needs.

Link Building

Our Amazing Success Stories

We created a new, customised website for Collect & Recycle that was built with SEO in mind from the start. We got them ranking on page 1 of Google for multiple important keywords in the waste and recycling sector and also implemented a highly targeted PPC campaign which greatly increased their website enquiries.

Our work with UK leading music services company Famous includes creating eye-catching content in order to increase brand awareness and sales. This includes social media graphics, video and SEO optimised blogs that provide value to their customers and increase website traffic.

We created a killer 360 marketing strategy for Veritas Noble which included developing a stunning, functional website, SEO, social media, explainer videos and an extremely successful lead generation campaign. We used our lead magic platform to reach out to business decision-makers and achieved over £500k of sales in their first year.

We implemented a full-service marketing strategy that included a new website, content creation and a bespoke SEO strategy that has continued to grow over the years with Plastic Expert now averaging over 4500 organic visitors every month through their website.

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Why Choose Audeo

As a marketing agency with a proven track record in growing multiple music companies, we have the knowledge and experience to help your record label reach its maximum potential. Our bespoke SEO services include detailed monthly reports and analysis of every SEO campaign we conduct so you can easily measure your ROI. We create personalised SEO strategies for all of our clients so we only conduct the activities that are going to be most effective for your business. We offer SEO packages on their own or combined with other music marketing activities including web design, PPC and social media content marketing if you’re looking for a full digital marketing strategy. To book a free discovery call fill in our contact form or email for more information about our services. Our website is listed in – Gloucestershire SEO Directory

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