Content Strategy.

Developing valuable and engaging content is imperative for the new digital age.

Before we launch into how we can help you, we want to pose this question to you: ‘What is a content strategy?’

To us, a content strategy is the fine and delicate are of planning, creating, publishing, and updating quality content. A strategy that is done well helps the business in question to achieve a variety of important goals. We will endeavour to maximise the impact of the content in order to support this idea.

We understand web content from a highly technical point of view and have an incredible amount of experience in this creative field. As well as creating content that pops and connects with audiences, we look at the SEO perspective, making sure that search engines like Google and Bing are going to enjoy reading it as much as your audience will.

Content can do many things, but we believe guidance and education are priorities, as they transform your business into a thought leader, showing others how things are done. This may put added pressure and responsibility on you, but with the right content strategy team on your side, this is not going to be an issue.

Audeo has the production capacity for text content, such as articles, landing pages, reports, research, and more, as well as media content, such as photography, videography, and podcasting.

Over time, the ideas in your content may require editing and updating, but that’s not an issue, that’s for us to handle.

  • Deliverables can you expect?

An audit and analysis of all existing content to see what is useful and relevant, and what creates confusion or is distracting from your message
A full content plan and calendar so that you can see and shape future content
An editorial process that involves experienced creative professionals, a considerable amount of research, and an end product that your audience will love to consume
We will develop your Content Management System so that it works better for you
Regular Content SEO reports showing how your content is performing
Naming and heading structures, including H tags
Tags and metadata implementation