Pay Per Click (PPC).

We help you avoid the guesswork in identifying the important elements and parts that make up a successful PPC marketing campaign.

Audeo’s PPC experts will look to find the correlation between your products or services, and the search terms that your potential users are making. With the help of some tools and a quick period of research, we will be able to design campaigns that invigorate your sales stream.

Before starting your campaign, there are several steps that we follow to try and lay out the foundation for success and results. We conduct keyword research to understand what people in your target field are searching for.

We work with you to determine your primary and secondary goals for the campaign, we design and build landing pages to increase your quality score, we create and design multiple adverts for each section of your audience, and we set up tracking codes for AdWords analytics. This is not everything that we do, but it’s the majority of the foundation work for setting up powerful campaigns.

Once we are ready and approved, we start running your ads. We work strictly to your budgets and activate the campaign and ad-groups. We will be regularly monitoring various data sets and KPIs.

The KPIs and data sets that we monitor include:

  • Budget usage
  • Impressions
  • Click through rate

Throughout the campaigns, we will be A/B testing to find out the most effective methods for your products or service and deliver monthlyPPC reports.

It’s vital for your growth and understanding that we provide you with reports breaking down your company’s ad performance. This holds us accountable, educates you, and allows us to come together to work on the recommended adjustments for optimisation of your campaigns. Typically, we report monthly, and can also provide forecasts on your spend levels. Ultimately, our goal here is to achieve a better ROI month on month.