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Successful web marketing for law firms results in a significant increase on the visibility of your legal services, and for the right clients. If you are wondering what you can do to grow your business, and ultimately build a trusted brand, implementing a digital marketing strategy will do just that. Whilst there are law firms across each city, many underestimate the influence that investing in a marketing plan can have on their company and the huge return on investment. You don’t just want a ton of enquiries, but you want the right enquiries: you need to be attracting more clients within your specific target audience that will convert and use your services. Through search engine optimisation (SEO) we can directly target your ‘perfect client’ by conducting keyword research and ranking for relevant search terms that you want to be placed in front of. Whilst SEO is at the forefront when Audeo leads online marketing for law firms, there are many other elements that will help build a respected, recognisable brand; such as content marketing, website design, social media marketing, and pay per click.

The Outcomes You Can Expect:

Meetings booked with potential clients and decision makers to boost client base.

Rise in website traffic from optimising your website with use of various influencing SEO factors.

Increase in inbound enquiries generated from content marketing and social media.

Clear ROI from your marketing spend. You will see the results and steady long term rise in business.

How Your Law Firms Web Marketing Outcomes Are Reached:

Audeo offers a variety of online marketing for law firm services that will help your business grow exponentially. View all of our services here.


Through various SEO elements we can have your law firm website ranking highly in search results for relevant search terms. When conducting keyword research, we will be able to find what your target audience is searching for and numerous amounts of data surrounding this to choose the most appropriate keywords to target. Once we have researched into this and discussed terms you would like to rank highly for, we can then implement these keywords into website copy and blog posts to start optimising pages. Link building is also a key factor that affects SEO. Through internal, outbound, and backlinks we can both have the structure of your website in place, boost your domain authority and provide trust to your website.

Keyword research


Showcasing your legal services through a stunning, user-friendly website is key to attracting and retaining visitors. As a law firm you want to instantly connect with potential clients, through clearly showing who you are and your unique identity. When we build websites, we work with our clients to fully understand exactly what makes them stand out, their brand, and how we can mirror this throughout your website. Our web designers build websites that are fully SEO optimised, whilst having a beautiful interface which will draw in people. With the use of clear CTAs (call to actions) we will have potential clients clicking through to converting landing pages to increase your firm enquiries.


We have a team of writers who can create highly engaging content for blog pages covering a range of different styles. Each piece of content we deliver is fully optimised, and our in-house design team can add visual elements to anything that we share to boost user experience and drive further traffic. We can then post this content further through social media profiles, which is a highly effective way to generate enquiries and website traffic through the addition of call to actions on post copy. Followers will value your business more when you are posting regularly, that will equally build brand recognition ensuring you become memorable.

Content marketing
Email marketing

Email Marketing

Email marketing can be another great distribution channel to share your content and keep up relationships with clients. No one wants to be forgotten, and through regular emails being sent out you can maintain connections whilst delivering high quality content that your audience will value you for. Our design team builds each email template tailored to your brand, ensuring guidelines are followed and that the recipient instantly knows your business from the moment they open the email.

Pay Per Click (PPC)

PPC is highly effective if you want quick results. We can have you appear at the top of search engines or social media pages in an instance, resulting in a large amount of enquiries rolling in from the get-go. The various PPC services that Audeo provide includes search ads, display advertising, retargeting, video advertisement, and social media PPC.

Pay per click

Our Amazing Success Stories

We created a new, customised website for Collect & Recycle that was built with SEO in mind from the start. We got them ranking on page 1 of Google for multiple important keywords in the waste and recycling sector and also implemented a highly targeted PPC campaign which greatly increased their website enquiries.

Our work with UK leading music services company Famous includes creating eye-catching content in order to increase brand awareness and sales. This includes social media graphics, video and SEO optimised blogs that provide value to their customers and increase website traffic.

We created a killer 360 marketing strategy for Veritas Noble which included developing a stunning, functional website, SEO, social media, explainer videos and an extremely successful lead generation campaign. We used our lead magic platform to reach out to business decision-makers and achieved over £500k of sales in their first year.

We implemented a full-service marketing strategy that included a new website, content creation and a bespoke SEO strategy that has continued to grow over the years with Plastic Expert now averaging over 4500 organic visitors every month through their website.

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