Marketing Your Accounting Practice Successfully

Our Guide On Marketing Your Accounting Practice

We are sharing our top tips for how you can market your accounting practice successfully. When you market an accounting firm, it is incredibly important to not only maintain connections with long-term existing clients, but also reach new potential clients and prospects. Below we are going to talk you through our top marketing tools and techniques that you can use to reach your target market and build up a large client base.

Digital Marketing Methods For Marketing Your Accounting Practice:



The top of your marketing efforts should be focused on SEO (search engine optimisation). Successful marketing ensures that your business is visible in front of the right audience, and SEO does exactly that. When conducting keyword research and implementing this into website copy and blog posts, you can rank higher in search engines and in front of the right audience. Before getting started with a SEO strategy, as a business owner evaluate who your exact ideal client is and what search queries you want to be placed in front of.

Website Design

As accounting practices have multiple services to provide, and there is a huge amount of competition, having a professional website for visitors to navigate to is essential. Through your website you can market all of your services effectively, followed by clear CTAs (call to actions) to take people to the next step you want them to take. This will ensure that people understand where they can go next to book a consultation, or contact you via online forms.

Accounting call to action

Content Marketing

Including a content strategy within your marketing plan will ensure that brand recognition is enforced and people maintain interest in your business. Create content that not only sells your services, but is most importantly valuable to people. Through insightful content visitors can build trust with your services, and feel like they are an important part of your business. You can also maintain contact with people, use the content for email marketing campaigns, and also share it across social media. 1.3 million new users joined social media every day in 2020, of which a huge majority will have businesses or new ventures in need of an accounting practice. Being part of social media platforms can make you visible for relevant searches, allow you to network with people in your field, and result in a boost in website traffic from people navigating from posts and your profile. Whilst sharing blog posts is proven to be highly engaging and affect your SEO positively, visuals such as infographics, slide shares, and videos are also highly powerful in engaging people with your business and increasing rankings.

Email Marketing

Having an email marketing strategy in place allows for another form of distribution where you can share content and keep up contact with individuals. There are various types of content that have a high conversion rate through email marketing, here are a few which have proven successful for Audeo’s clients:

  • Business tips
  • Industry related news topics
  • Recent awards or case studies
  • Important accountant dates to keep in mind



PPC can be a great way to generate leads, and generate them quickly. Utilising your keyword research and client research, you can create a tailored campaign that will engage with the right audience for your services. Audeo provides the following PPC services for accounting practices:

  • Search ads: placing advertisement on web pages, you only pay when someone clicks on the ad
  • Display advertising: eye catching graphic advertisement on web pages
  • Social media PPC: solely for placement on social media targeting your specific audience
  • Video advertising: advertisement placed at any point of relevant videos
  • Retargeting: shows ads to the people that have already visited your website.

Contact Audeo For Marketing Your Accounting Practice

At Audeo we have vast experience in marketing for the financial sector. Whether you are looking to invest in any of the specific services above, or are on the hunt for a full-circle marketing strategy, we can work towards any of your requirements. Focusing on SMEs, we can cater to budgets and offer multiple packages dedicated to helping businesses grow. The next step is to book a discovery call with one of the digital marketing team, where we can start discussing some ideas for your campaign or simply answer any questions you may have about our marketing for accountants services. To book a call fill in the contact us form or email to schedule in a discovery call.

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