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Audeo is a digital marketing agency with specialist experience marketing around the accounting sector. Whether you are looking for a full circle marketing strategy, or specific accounting services in order to gain new clients, we cater to all marketing methods and techniques. As a successful accounting firm, you will need a clear, professional web design with tactical SEO driven copy in order to pull in customers and communicate your services effectively. Digital marketing for accounting is highly successful in rapidly growing sales for an accountancy practice, yet many overlook this. Using marketing tactics will enable you to drive traffic from potential customers to your firm website, whilst becoming recognisable across social media platforms.








Audeo's success story: Veritas Noble

One of our clients, Veritas Noble, received 35 highly qualified leads generated each month which has resulted in just over £500,000 of contracted new business through our services. Their website traffic also saw an enormous increase of up to 356% through the SEO driven website that we built them along with content & email marketing. Combined with a highly targeted lead generation campaign, this business is growing exponentially with the use of our digital marketing agency.

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Accounting can be a competitive sector, and standing out above your competitors online is essential in building a loyal client base. At Audeo we build stunning, user-friendly websites which follow each SEO element to ensure you are climbing the rankings in search results. Having vast knowledge and experience working in the accounting sector, we understand the professional elements that should be included on your website and how to communicate effectively to your audience. We will capture your image and unique ethos perfectly throughout the design, with the addition of clear copy and direct CTAs (call to actions) to ensure visitors can navigate smoothly through your site.

We have a specialist SEO team who have placed multiple businesses from a variety of sectors on page 1 of Google for specific search terms. Not only will your website become more visible to online users, but this will ultimately result in further leads and a higher conversion rate. Three of the main SEO elements we explore include keywords, link building and onsite health.

Keyword research and implementation are vital to any online marketing campaign for accountants. This will show us all the data behind relevant search terms for your sector, which are the best to target and which keywords your competitors are trying to rank for. Once all this information has been gathered, we will be able to start writing engaging copy and blog posts surrounding the specific keywords chosen.

Link building allows Google to crawl your website easily, act as proof for credibility, and provide a smooth user-friendly experience when using your website. With help from our link building experts, we will make sure to use relevant internal linking, appropriate outbound links and obtain backlinks (linking from another website to yours) to act as a badge of trust for your website and the content shared.

We provide ongoing support to keep up to date with the health of your website, and fix any issues or errors that we may run into due to Google Algorithms constant changes, with the help of Google Analytics. This could be anything from crawlability difficulties, to making sure SEO driven posts remain ranking highly. At Audeo we give each of our client’s monthly reports and SEO audits so you can realise the long term progress and benefits being made.

As an accountancy firm, building and retaining long-term relationships with clients is vital in keeping a steady income flow through recurring customers. Content marketing can do just that. Engaging both current and potential clients through social media platforms allows for you to provide valuable insights, communicate directly with followers, and attract a wider audience. We are able to create a variety of visual content, including infographics, fact cards, slideshares and videos. Our in-house writing team will also be able to write relevant blogs driven by SEO.

We have results-driven lead generation strategies that have enabled accounting firms to gain a huge number of new clients, leading to a high increase in revenue. Through our tailored and personalised lead generation campaigns, we are talking to people who are genuinely interested in what you have to offer and create messaging copy targeting your objectives. At Audeo, we have built a platform called Lead Magic, which is an all-in-one online tool where we can run your campaigns, respond and manage messaging, and set distinct requirements appropriate to your targets.

At Audeo, we work hard to understand what your perfect customer would look like. We are then able to build highly targeted PPC campaigns using our keyword data, making sure that you are placed in front of the appropriate audience. We work through multiple paid advertising methods including Google ads, display advertising, Google shopping, social media, video advertising and retargeting.




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