Lead Generation.

There are various B2B lead generation tools for every category, business type, and specific lead generation strategy.

Struggling to get high quality leads despite all of your best efforts? Don’t worry, marketing is a fine art, and we’re going to take responsibility for your lead generation so that you can focus on closing deals and looking after your clients.

How does a lead generation service work? Step one – we need to know a few things before we can start getting leads:

  • What industry are your target customers in?
  • What is a typical company size?
  • How many employees work there?
  • What job positions or descriptions do you want to target?
  • Anything else that is relevant
  • Some example customers

Step two – understanding your audience. To help get the best leads possible, we need three questions to help validate leads. We will add these questions to our process.

Step three- making contact. Whether via email or telephone, we will begin contacting potential leads and doing our research. We will use the questions provided, as well as anything else we can gather from communications to see whether these potential leads qualify to your criteria.

Step four – email campaigns. If we have been unable to get an email address beforehand, we will be trying to collect them during the telephone interview process. Once we have email addresses from targeted prospects, we will confirm their information and ask for permission for third parties (you) to contact them.

Step five – building a database. Once we know everything we need to, we can finish putting together the database that is going to prove vital to our lead generation efforts. With the information collected from the phone call and email interaction, we will put together an Excel database that is built to specification for your business. We will aim to include the prospects:

  • Company name
  • Industry
  • Revenue
  • Address
  • Contact person
  • Position
  • Telephone number
  • Email address
  • Website
  • Social media accounts