How To Market A Solicitors Firm

Top Tips On How To Market A Solicitors Firm

Traditional marketing methods such as print releases and direct calling would often dominate the ways in which legal services advertised their business. However, recently digital marketing trends and tactics such as SEO and inbound marketing are proving highly successful for leading solicitors and law firms marketing. Connecting with your target audience effectively through online marketing is huge for lead generation and seeing a rise in website traffic. And when paired with a stunning law firm website, visitors will spend time on your website and navigate through call to actions to converting landing pages. Below, we are going to talk you through how to market a solicitors firm, and hopefully get you to realise the incredible long term benefits of investing in marketing strategies.

How To Market A Solicitors Firm Successfully

#1. Clarify Business Goals

When beginning marketing plans, spend time working with your team to clarify your long term goals as a business. This will help you directly tailor your marketing tactics to the specific outcomes you are looking to reach with a marketing agency. Goal setting will also help you keep on track of your success, and allow for a report to base evaluation on. Make sure the goals you set are realistic, this may be the amount of website traffic you are looking to reach, the number of leads generated per week, or your social media following.


#2. Optimise Your Website For Visibility 

One of the best marketing tactics to increase your website visibility for your specific target audience is SEO (search engine optimisation). With 49% of marketers reporting that organic search has the best ROI of any marketing channel, rather than for example paid ads (pay per click), having your solicitors website organically ranking highly through optimising your web pages will see huge long term benefits. The higher your website is ranking in the SERP, the more clicks you will get through to your website; meaning a higher volume of people are learning about your legal services and you can watch the enquiries fly in. As solicitors will almost always have a physical location, optimising your solicitor for your local practice area will allow you to become visible for local searches. This means that you are ranking for firms in your area, and may even appear in the local 3-pack at the top of the results page. Below are a few elements that you may involve in an SEO strategy:

Keyword Research: Reveals what your target audience are searching for, volume of searches per month and difficulty in ranking for the search terms. This can then be used throughout website copy, service pages, and blog posts.

Link Building: Involves appropriately using internal linking for structure and crawlability, outbound linking to other relevant websites, and obtaining backlinks to provide trust and authority to your site.

Website Design: Building a fully optimised website that is SEO friendly with use of keywords, quick loading speeds, accessibility on all devices, and alt and title tags.

Site Health Audit: Enables you to understand specific areas that are impacting your website health score. This could be crawlability issues, structure, and toxic links.


#3. Gain Reviews And Showcase Case Studies

When building a fully optimised professional website, you must provide content that acts as proof for the services you are providing. This is usually done through case studies or reviews, where you can add a short piece of text from a client’s happy experience when working with you. The importance of showcasing this is huge, from the moment a visitor clicks on your website they want proof and a feeling of trust between themselves and your business. With testimonials, you can do just that. People are much more likely to use the services of someone that they know have successfully helped others before them, and using a section for this in your website can be the difference between gaining new clients and losing them. 


#4. Create And Share Valuable Content

Inbound marketing is highly successful in pulling in new clients whilst being cost effective. With Inbound leads costing 61% less on average than outbound leads, and inbound practices producing 54% more leads than traditional outbound practices, you can realise the great benefits through use of blog posts, graphics, and social media distribution. When setting up a blog or resource page, you can then write in various styles with use of news stories, top tips, or ‘how-to’ posts which are known to perform well. As legal marketing can often be complex, and legal matters more difficult to understand, this is a great page where you can simplify and explain the topics for visitors. Another successful tactic for solicitor firms is through holding webinars or networking events to boost your brands credibility and build valuable relationships where referrals could take place. 

From the content shared on your website, you can then distribute this across multiple social media channels. Sharing regular, on-brand social media posts will allow your business to become recognisable and valued as an active and professional solicitors firm. With the activity of sharing eye-catching visuals you can engage an audience through other platforms, who can then navigate through to your site via CTAs on post copy. Not only will this boost your website traffic from directly sharing content, but also through followers engaging with your posts and sharing it further.

Another effective distribution channel can also be through email. Email marketing can be a great way in which you can keep up the connections with current clients and engage new ones. This could be through an email newsletter sharing up-to-date information on law, news pieces surrounding the sector, or insightful advice for recipients.

Content marketing

#5. Measure Your Success

Keep measuring your progress as you go. If you are not following the growth of your business, or do not have relevant goals to look back on and compare to, then an effective evaluation can not take place. If you do not measure your success, then how do you know what’s working? Through evaluating your marketing efforts, you can understand which tactics are performing the best, and appropriate areas which need further improvement to reach your goals. This can then help direct future projects and which methods can work best for specific targets.


Importance Of Digital Marketing For Solicitors

Almost all businesses have now realised the importance of getting themselves online. If your competitors are positioning themselves in front of your target market whilst you are sticking to traditional methods, a huge amount of clients may not even find you let alone invest in your solicitors firm. When working with a marketing agency such as ourselves, we can guarantee to have you meetings booked with potential clients, an increase in website traffic and a clear ROI.


Land More Clients Through Marketing With Audeo

Are you looking to land more clients through a killer digital marketing strategy? If you are wondering how to market a solicitors firm successfully, Audeo can do just that. We offer various online marketing services that have helped businesses grow exponentially, with incredible success stories. One of our clients, Veritas Noble, received 35 highly qualified leads generated each month which has resulted in just over £500,000 of contracted new business through our services. Their website traffic also saw an enormous increase of up to 356% through the SEO driven website that we built them along with content & email marketing. We go the extra mile for all of our clients we work with, and make sure each of our campaigns are highly targeted and tailored to your specific goals as a business. To book your discovery call or simply ask a few questions on our marketing services for solicitor firms, email

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