How to Implement Digital Marketing Strategy

A strong digital marketing strategy is crucial for any businesses wishing to achieve their business goals and engage with their target audience. As the online space continues to grow and dominate the world of commerce, it is important for businesses to put their name out there and create a digital marketing campaign that is comprehensive and delivers impactful results. 

Audeo explores how to implement a digital marketing strategy successfully, using methods proven to create business growth and increase brand awareness. 

The Top Digital Marketing Strategies:

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO):

SEO focuses on increasing the quality and quantity of organic traffic to your business’ website. Organic traffic is created by individuals or businesses searching for your brand online, and arriving at your website. Therefore, the aim of SEO is to ensure that your business’ website is the first to come up in the search results when someone is googling your product or service, as this will increase traffic.  

SEO is implemented through a number of methods. At Audeo, we conduct a full keyword research report for your business’ sector, as well as competitor analysis, to determine which terms your business should try to rank for. Following this, we create SEO-driven on-page content creation, as well as building organic links. 

Another important factor for a successful SEO implementation is continued site health monitoring, this includes a full technical analysis. Audeo will create monthly reports on the success of your website, utilising google analytics to track the demographic of your website traffic. This helps us and you keep track of which pages and keywords are successful, and allows you to track your Return of Investment (ROI).

Website Design:

Web Design ensures that your business’ website is as accessible, attractive, and relevant to your brand. A poor website will often lose new clients, regardless of the quality of the products or services. Before implementing a web design strategy, it is important to analyse your current website performance. This includes a health check and a google ranking check. This helps develop the best strategy for improving the success of your website. 

Implementing successful web design requires strong collaboration between us and you. Every business should have a unique website tailored specifically to your business and your target audience. 

We ensure that all of our web designs are SEO ready and mobile device friendly. Furthermore, our web design team ensures that your landing page has a number of call to actions, so you can improve conversion rates easily.

Content Marketing:

Content Marketing helps create brand awareness and build strong, positive relationships with your target audience. Creating content that is engaging and relevant will help your business generate new clients from your desired audience. However, content marketing is often time consuming to implement. Audeo’s team of dedicated content creators can help your business create high quality content to improve the online presence of your business.
Content marketing takes many different forms, but the most popularly consumed content in online marketing is graphics, explainer videos, slideshares, and written content. Audeo can create all of these for your business.

It is important to not only create top quality content, but to create it frequently. While this method will not see results as quickly as Pay Per Click, it is one of the most successful media campaigns in the long term, as it builds strong brand loyalty.
In order for your online content to be the most successful, it is important to include call to actions on each piece of content. This will help drive more traffic to your business as conversion will be accessible and clear.

Email Marketing:

Email marketing, like content marketing, is a useful way to strengthen your business, and ensure brand loyalty. Email marketing campaigns ensure consistent support from existing or prospective clients.

Audeo will help ensure your email marketing campaign is strong and engaging. By including call to actions and engaging email content in your campaign, your marketing efforts can also result in high conversion rates. In fact, email marketing demonstrates a four times larger ROI than any other digital marketing method.  

Pay Per Click (PPC):

Pay Per Click campaigns are a surefire way to generate new business … at high speed. It is the fastest digital marketing solution to improve client traffic to your website. PPC targets specialised audiences using eye-catching ads to ensure high levels of traffic to your website. Audeo uses google ads, which shoot your business’ website to the top of the search results. PPC works really well alongside a solid SEO strategy whilst organic listings are increased naturally.

Lead Generation:

Generating high quality and tailored leads is a crucial digital marketing goal. Implementing a lead generation campaign manually is very time consuming. This is why Audeo uses Lead Magic, a LinkedIn automated lead generation tool. It generates specialised and quality leads for your business. The tool is cloud-based, so you can sit back and let the tool do it’s work while you focus on other areas of the business.

How can Audeo help you

Building tailored and successful digital marketing strategies for B2B businesses is in our DNA. Audeo’s founders have 20 years combined experience in building SME businesses from the ground up. We have worked with businesses across a range of sectors, from finance to recycling. Each digital marketing strategy was unique to their business, and achieved impressive results.

To explore how to implement digital marketing strategy for your business, we will create a strategy meeting. This will analyse your business’ current goals, USP’s, limitations, and budget, to create the perfect digital marketing strategy to help your business grow. Whether you want one specific strategy, or a range of our services, Audeo can help you achieve your goals.  

Contact us today to book in a 30 minute discovery call. 

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