How to find grants for your business

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Help with accessing grants for your business.

Is there anything better for a startup or small business than some free money to support your endeavours? Perhaps not, so it’s fortunate in the UK that there are so many grants for small to medium enterprises (SMEs) available. 

Here are some examples:

Regional Growth Fund (RGF) – Businesses looking for less than £1m in funding can apply. More than £1.7bn has been given out in 7 years to over 9,000 businesses.

Start-up loans – This is a government-funded initiative for businesses yet to start trading or who are still in their first year. The small loans are around £6,000 on average.

Government grantsThere are plenty more grant schemes through the English, Scottish, Welsh, and Northern Irish governments that can make an enormous difference to your business.

Business Finance Partnerships (BFPs) – Why should banks have all the fun when it comes to investing? That was one of the government’s motivations when it poured £1.2bn into a scheme that sought to create alternative lending and grant agents around the UK. 

These examples only scratch the surface of what’s possible in the UK. The hardest part of grants is the rigours of the application process and knowing what to say to get approved.

Here’s one of the top Google results for ‘How to apply for a grant to start a business UK’. As you’ll see, it’s complicated, lengthy, and asks a lot of you. With the support of Audeo, this mammoth task can be broken down into small chunks, many of which we can relieve you of. 

If you’re looking for support with grant schemes…

Why choose Audeo?

With over 20 years of combined business and marketing experience, we know what it takes to turn ideas into realities, grow them, and make a large return on investment. Grants have helped us, they’ve helped people in our network, and they can help you. The only thing that can’t help you is a stack of grant rejection letters, so work with our expert team to ensure that this doesn’t happen. 

What could you spend your grant on?

Here are some other services that we offer:

  • Search Engine Optimisation
  • Digital Design & Web Development
  • Lead Generation
  • Paid Advertising
  • App & Software Development
  • Video & Media

If you have any more questions, get in touch today.

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