How To Design A Website Homepage

Your website homepage is the first meeting you will have with many of your potential customers. When people visit your website, this initial impression is vital in ensuring that visitors connect with the services that your business has to offer in an instance. There are many elements to include when creating a good website, whether that be aesthetics; cleanly designed pages, with bold colour and type hierarchy, or more in-depth SEO optimisation to boost your website’s rankings. Below we are going to take you through our step-by-step guide on how to design an effective website homepage for your business.


Understanding your target audience is essential when you start building any web page. Focusing on your business values, USP, and narrowing down your specific customer base will be the starting point when designing a homepage which connects with your visitors. Without this clear direction for your landing page, visitors may not explore your site in more depth, and it can hugely impact the growth of any small business at the start of their journey.


Once you have undertaken the initial research, next comes the planning process. A vital step before even using a website building tool is to construct the wireframe. This crucial part of any web design process allows you to outline how your homepage and website will look, made up of simple designs providing a clear, structured, visual representation showing the composition and functionality of your site. Remember to only include the very basics of the homepage design, as detail can be added further on in the web design process. This stage allows you to make early changes, discuss and receive feedback from your wider team, and generate further design ideas that will better suit your users.

Design Process

Now, for the design process. Throughout your personalised homepage, there are a few essential elements that you must include:

Headline and Sub Headline

From instantly clicking onto your page, your homepage must communicate exactly who you are, and what you are offering. This piece of writing should be short, punchy, and straight to the point. If your visitors feel it is too complex and are still not clear on your business and their values, this will result in them moving onto your competitors. Think of this as the first impression, the first meeting with a customer, you want to grab their attention and be the person that they want further conversations with.


Your logo should be placed at the top of your website homepage in a clear composition. This helps your brand become memorable to your audience and acts as identification for the user to connect with. Logos are incredibly important in terms of communicating what your brand stands for and causing an instant emotive connection with visitors. When placed on a website, they are also effective in acting as a link to the homepage from any other page on your website, making it easy to navigate.

Primary Call to Action

Including a call to action as a signpost throughout your homepage is an essential element to be placed in a clear and direct format. This will make the next step you want your users to take easy to find, and provide a clear understanding of how to purchase a service or get in contact for further action. Make sure that your CTA is prominent and visible; a great way to include this is to use a bold colour for a button which can take the user to the appropriate page.

Social Proof

Social proof allows trust to be formed between you and potential customers. Visitors are much more likely to engage, and talk about a product if they know that other people have used the service before them. This is an incredibly powerful tool that should always be presented on your homepage, which tends to carry much more credibility than only the voice of your brand. This section also allows an area for you to include important outbound links to respected clients, which will help to boost your rankings.


Images used on a homepage are not only aesthetically pleasing, but this space also allows you to communicate your brand in formats other than type. Much like social proof, this area can provide a chance for you to present your services in use, with clients, or as a team to add a visual representation of your brand. Always make sure that the images and overall design of your website are mobile optimised, this is an essential step in creating an SEO friendly site; with 52.2 percent of all website traffic being generated from mobile phones.


The copy included on your homepage should be punchy and concise. You should have your visitors at the forefront of your mind, and make sure to speak thinking from their perspective. In this area, you also have a chance to include keywords, in which you can focus on communicating the benefits of your service across to your audience, with catchy lines taken from your sub-heading and further navigation to create a smooth user experience. The importance of keywords is to create an SEO optimised homepage; this allows you to be found easily on Google from the content which you are writing about, and hugely affects your ranking position in search engine result pages.


Your homepage should always include a footer at the bottom of the page, providing additional information and instructions for your visitors. The intention of this section is all about navigation to valuable pages, and allowing users to dive deeper into your website. This is also a key space available to include site logos to your social media channels, which can help create further interaction with your users and build on the connection between your brand and your customers.

Audeo Web Design Service

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How To Design A Website Homepage

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