How SEO helps your business

What Is SEO?

A web search engine is a software system that is designed to search for information on the World Wide Web. The search results are generally presented in a line of results often referred to as search engine results pages (SERPs). The information may be a mix of web pages, images, and other types of files. There are more than 100 billion searches a month on Google and 16% of these searches each day are new.

To get the best results pages, experts use search engine optimization (SEO) which is the practice of optimizing a website through keywords and backlinks to achieve the highest possible ranking on the SERPs.

Search Engine Optimization is also called organic search because it adapts to the constant changes of what other people are locally searching on the web. There are over 130 000 000 registered websites and if your website doesn’t rank high on the search engine it is like it doesn’t exist.

Local SEO is an extremely effective way of generating new business for a site. It is a continuous process and a way of thinking about how search engines see your website, and how users use these search engines to find your website. This means more visibility of your website, more traffic, and more opportunities to convert the ideal visitors (who are looking for exactly what you offer) into customers, subscribers, etc.

How SEO helps in business

The main focus of good SEO is to ensure that visitors don’t spend more than a few seconds to find your website. Furthermore, it is the most effective tool agreed upon among online-marketing professionals. SEO is important to any business with a website regardless of the industry or the environment. It is a tool that you can control and that can generate so many benefits to your company.


SEO can help your business by improving your online presence and the position of your website through search engine rankings, which means making it easier for visitors to find your product or service. It is noteworthy to mention that most web users never click past the first page of the search engine. The higher you rank on a search engine result page, the better your visibility. Then, potential customers are more likely to see you then and click through to your website.

Generate traffic

Once you increase your ranking and visibility your web traffic is increased. SEO helps your business by generating free website traffic, unlike the pay-per-click model that consists of paying a fee each time your website is clicked. It is important to note that the first ranking page receives nearly 33% of all clicks on its own, and the first five listings receive more on average 75% of the total clicks.

Building brand awareness

Building brand awareness is the result of ranking higher on the SERPs. Visitors tend to trust brands that appear first on search engines. It makes it easier for your prospects and clients to search for a particular term when your website has a strong presence, which eventually leads to trust.

Increase sales

Businesses that have an SEO-optimized website achieve more sales figures than businesses that do not have one. SEO-optimized websites are simple to read and navigate and they are more likely to capture and hold the attention of your readers or visitors, therefore converting them into loyal customers, subscribers, and returning visitors (high conversion rate).

You become trusted by Google

The more you respect the SEO E-A-T (Expertise-Authority-Trustworthiness) conditions in your website, the more you become trusted by Google. This is Google’s way of containing the spread of fake and offering quality content. When optimizing your website according to Google’s E-A-T criteria, it is essential to convince Google that you are a “good person” who knows what he or she is talking about.

SEO is cost-effective

The Search Engine Journal reported that inbound leads including social media management, blogging, search engine optimization, and referrals can lower the cost of lead generation by 61%.
Thanks to the benefits of SEO, you won’t need to pay-per-click to advertise your page because you already rank high in the search engine. As long as Internet users click your search links, you will remain above the rest of the search results.

SEO is long-term

Search Engine Optimization is a long-term marketing strategy that will allow you to drive more valuable traffic to your site and keep ranking at the top of results for keywords related to your business. The minimum duration for a website to maintain optimal ranking is six months which means the more people click your link the harder it is to pull you down.

Stat showing how SEO helps your business

How to improve your businesses SEO

In order to achieve good page SEO, you will need to follow some basic SEO techniques. The optimization of your website on the search engine first page should therefore be your main objective to increase your natural traffic.

Keyword Research

It is impossible to start writing an article without first doing keyword research. Keyword research allows you to understand the expectations and needs of your potential visitors. By analyzing the different keywords and their volume of traffic, you will be able to choose a subject for your article that will correspond to the searches of Internet users.

To get your article to the top of the search results, choose a unique topic for each article to make sure you provide your visitors with a complete and targeted solution.

For keyword research, some tools like Google Adwords can be very helpful. It can also be very useful to simply type the keyword for which you want to reference your article in the Google search bar which will help you identify the different suggestions and variants sought by users and adapt the approach of your article.

Write Detailed Blogs

In order to write quality content, you need to start by researching forums, analyzing online discussions, and using customer feedback to answer as many questions as possible about the topic of your article. You need to come across as an expert who provides in-depth answers to the questions your readers have.

Don’t forget that Google tracks the activity of a web user: If your visitor leaves your site and then visits the next site without modifying their search, Google will deduce that you did not provide the answer they were looking for. Your page will then be dropped by the search engines since your article does not seem to provide a solution for visitors. You should therefore do your utmost to offer as many answers as possible to your readers in a quality article.

To provide all the answers to visitors, it is often recommended to write an article of a consistent length. Depending on the keyword targeted, a blog article should be on average 800 to 900 words long to obtain good referencing. However, you shouldn’t just write to fill in this ratio but offer a quality article to your readers.

Get Backlinks

Backlinks to your site are a signal to search engines that others are ” endorsing ” your content. If many sites refer to the same page or website, search engines deduct that the content is worth linking to, and therefore ranking well on the SERP. Thus, gaining these backlinks can have a positive effect on a site’s ranking position or search visibility.

Earning backlinks is an essential component of off-site SEO. Some backlink profiles are inherently more valuable than others. Backlinks followed from trustworthy, popular, and high-authority sites are considered the most desirable backlinks to earn, while links from low-authority and potentially spammy sites are generally at the other end of the spectrum. Not to mention, that just being mentioned on high-quality sites can give your brand a boost.

Technical SEO and Website Health

When you start working on your natural referencing, there is the on-page content to take into account, but you shouldn’t neglect all the technical aspects of SEO. It’s like renovating a car from the outside but forgetting to change all internal parts.

Technical SEO is as equally important as on-page and off-page strong SEO strategies. Mastering technical SEO provides major strategic and competitive advantages. It is what allows Google to know that you have a website of high value by checking if your website meets all the requirements: website speed, no deadlinks, mobile-optimized website, etc.

Why you should hire an SEO company

Ensuring the best ranking for your website can be a bit tricky. At Audeo, we can help you increase the visibility to your website by providing tactics and the right approach which you can rely on.

Our SEO professionals will make sure your website is a success and that you get what you paid for to improve your website and more. Please email or book a discovery call now to know more about our SEO services.

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