How Does SEO Help Your Business

Why SEO is still vital for most businesses:

Search engine optimization is essential for most businesses today. SEO helps drive organic traffic to your business’ website, which will turn interested leads into new clients. Although social media is becoming increasingly popular for digital marketing, websites are still undoubtedly one of the most important online platforms for B2B businesses.

SEO helps your business’ website rank higher on the pages of search engines like Google. The higher you rank, the more exposure your website will have.

The phrase ‘Google it’ is one of the most popular phrases used in the english language regarding obtaining information. BrightEdge found that over 68% of online experiences begin with a search engine. A strong SEO strategy ensures that individuals click on your website first, if they were to search for products, services, or information related to your business. 

So how does SEO help your business grow? Generally, there are three main ways that SEO helps improve your business: 

  1. It drives organic and targeted traffic to your website
  2. It improves brand visibility and awareness
  3. It delivers sales leads & ultimately more customers.

SEO is not a tactic to skip out on in a digital marketing strategy plan.
Backlinko discovered that only 0.78% of google searchers will click through to page 2 of their search. Furthermore, the first three organic results on google get over 70% of the organic traffic in a search. If you want to increase organic traffic to your website, a good SEO campaign is crucial. 

So how does Google decide where you rank?

Google’s biggest concern when determining the value of your website is its relevance. Does your website provide a solution to the searchers quest or question? Does your on-page content have a range of relevant information related to your business? Do other websites reference your website? There are a whole range of elements that Google will consider when determining your websites relevancy. 

The other main concern for Google when they assess your website is how useful and accessible it is. Essentially, is the information on your website clear and easy to find? 

A Closer Look: which factors improve your website’s SEO?

Monitoring and improving your website’s SEO is a complex procedure, and creating strong search engine rankings will take some time. There are a range of factors whose quality will affect your website’s SEO. These include both on page and off page SEO. 

On-Page Content:

On-page content is one of the most valuable elements of SEO, and can be somewhat time-consuming. On-page content has to be high quality and relevant. Your website pages should have eloquent but concise information that is easy to follow, and allows your searchers to find the information they seek quickly. Your aim is to create engaging and informative content that will stop searchers from going back and choosing a different website. 

Alongside this, from an SEO perspective, your website has to be keyword targeted. Each page or post should be associated with a keyword. Everything on that page needs to be relevant to this keyword, and include associated keyword phrasing. The keyword should be in the title, in the first paragraph, as well as the alt and title tag, meta description, and image description.

Your keyword should flood your pages, while ensuring that all your content remains interesting, relevant, and eloquent. Copy and pasting your keyword over and over will ensure you remain on the lowest pages of Google. 

Another way to improve your on-page content, which improves Google’s perception of your website’s relevance, is internal linking. For each page or post, internally hyperlink to other pages of your website. This implies to Google that the information throughout your website is relevant and inter-connected. It shows that all of your content is linked directly to your business and industry. 

User Experience (UX):

Alongside relevant and SEO-driven content, your website also needs to be accessible and easy to use. You want to ensure that each potential customer has a positive experience, to avoid a rise in your site’s bounce rate. UX is achieved by ensuring a high quality web design strategy.

You can improve the UX of your website in a range of ways. One SEO strategy that is crucial in improving UX is ensuring your website is compatible with a range of device types. 84% of UK adults own a smartphone, so ensuring your website renders on mobile devices properly is crucial. Your website needs to be optimised to ensure high quality imagery on any screen size. 

Another important element of UX is load speed. To put it simply, a lot of people are inpatient with technology. You do not want to miss out on potential clients because your website takes too long to load. Ensure your page renders quickly, with <0.5 seconds for your landing page, and <4 seconds for primary content. 

On top of these factors, you essentially need to ensure your website functions effectively and correctly. Ensure your call to actions are clear and linked to the correct page. Create easy to use email capture forms. Make it easy for potential clients to become customers. This is a key way to improve your conversion rates. Your website is similar to a physical shop. Your SEO strategy can bring customers in through your front door, but a strong UX plan will ensure that these customers buy your products. 

Link Building: Backlinks

Link Building is made up of two strands, the aforementioned internal links, and backlinks. Link building serves the purpose of proving to Google that your website has relevant, high quality content. While internal linking is a simple process, backlinking is a more difficult and time consuming element of an SEO marketing strategy.

Backlinking is an example of off page SEO. It takes the control out of your hands, and places it into the hands of other business owners. Backlinks, like internal links, show Google that your website contains valuable, relevant content, however this time, you need other websites to hyperlink to yours. When other businesses link to a page on your business’ website, it shows Google that this information has knowledge authority in your industry. 

So how does SEO help your business?

The benefits of SEO are clear. It is one of the most successful marketing strategies; cost effective and able to create high returns. BrightEdge found that SEO drives over 1000% more traffic to your website than organic social media. SEO is a multi-faceted marketing strategy that works to drive and convert traffic on your business’ website. Particularly for B2B services, having a strong SEO marketing strategy is crucial in generating new clients. 

The reason that some small businesses choose to avoid SEO services is due to their time consuming and complex nature. That is why using an SEO company like Audeo is the perfect solution for your business. We have the expertise to provide you with clear information and quality results. 

Our team of SEO experts will work to get as many relevant keyword terms to page one of Google. 

Local Seo

One criticism of SEO as a marketing strategy is that it does not cater for small, local businesses like traditional marketing can. This perception, however, is missguided. Local SEO is a valuable facet of an SEO marketing strategy. If your business thrives with physical footfall, you can optimise your website to send potential clients to your door. Geographical keyword searches are popular amongst business clients, and many will research local businesses before entering them. Hubspot found Google search phrases ‘open,’ ‘now,’ and ‘near me,’ grew by 200% from 2016 to 2018. Local searches can help generate online clients and physical clients. 

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