How Can Digital Marketing Help Grow My Business?

Growing a successful business requires a specific target market and high quality products or services. However, to do this, every company must consider how to promote their brand through a killer marketing strategy.

The online market in the past decade has grown exponentially, and is becoming the most lucrative arena for all types of businesses.

For small businesses, growing their digital presence can be a daunting prospect. Traditional marketing and digital marketing are extremely different. They require different tools and techniques for measuring success and Return on Investment (ROI), as well as a completely different marketing mindset. A strong and effective digital marketing campaign, however, is crucial for businesses of all sizes to survive in the growing digital arena.

Digital marketing is not just for large businesses with a big marketing budget and huge in-house marketing departments. It’s something every single SME needs to embrace. Digital marketing can create huge results on a modest budget, however, you need a solid strategy and a proven method for success.

The big question is, how can digital marketing help grow your business?

Audeo explores some ways that digital marketing strategies can improve business growth.

Measuring Success with Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing allows your business to measure success and ROI much more effectively than traditional marketing. The versatility of digital marketing campaigns allow you to create micro-content for multiple platforms, and measure their individual success separately.
For example, with PPC advertisements, you can measure the number of clicks through to your website, the popularity of certain pages on your website, and the number of sales. You can do an AB Split test, by creating individual landing pages with different content and images to see which one performs best in real time.

Doing this with traditional advertising such as TV, billboards and print would be extremely expensive. Being able to identify your customer base and the most successful traditional marketing method would also be logistically very challenging.

Google Analytics

Google Analytics, specifically, is essential in tracking the success of your digital marketing campaign. Not only will Google Analytics measure your website traffic, but also report on visitor locations, age, gender, and interests. This information will help you understand your potential customers, and tailor your marketing strategy to these targeted audiences. Furthermore, Google Analytics can also report on pages’ bounce rate (the percentage of visitors who arrive on your site and leave before clicking onto another page), and calculate the average website session duration.

This information cannot be obtained from traditional marketing methods, you cannot measure whether an individual sits through a whole tv advertisement, or if they stop to read your billboard in full.

Driving potential clients to your business

With the growing technological age, it is unsurprising that the internet boasts 3 billion users. For many B2C companies, digital marketing campaigns are crucial in their success, but it is just as important for B2B companies.

A strong search engine optimisation (SEO) campaign is central to the growth of any B2B business. In fact, over half of all B2B marketers say that SEO generates more leads than any of the other digital marketing tools. Unlike customers, who can often be “told” what they want in marketing campaigns, businesses will often know what they are looking for. Therefore, if a business is looking to find a recycling company for their waste, they will google it. If you optimize your website to rank on the first page of google, you drive traffic to your website, which improves conversion rates, boosting sales.

Engaging, informative, and relevant content is also important for a B2B marketing campaign. Successful B2B companies have a loyal and trusting client base. Having a social media marketing campaign that creates consistent, engaging content for your audiences will help build your brand reputation and create trust. Writing blog posts with industry updates or relevant information will also aid this online network of support. 

Local SEO

Frequently, there has been a fear for businesses owners that focusing too much on digital marketing strategies will drive clients away from physical footfall to their local business. However, the assumption that brick and mortar businesses weaken with the growth of the digital age is ill-informed.

Local SEO can help target potential leads in your area. Geographical keyword searches, such as ‘open,’ ‘now,’ and ‘near me,’ had a 200% growth from 2016 to 2018. Creating SEO tailored to your local area will not diminish footfall, but improve it as Google will boost the rankings of websites that are local to the person searching online. Many potential clients will also google local businesses before attending, so having a strong website on page one of Google will help create new business. One of our clients, Baileys Skip Hire and Recycling have benefited from the use of local SEO and have seen a huge increase in the volume of traffic through the local SERP results.

Find and Target Tailored Audiences

If you’re a start-up, or an SME wishing to expand into a new market, digital marketing campaigns help you find and target specific audiences much more easily than traditional marketing. Social media platforms, such as LinkedIn, have specific features that can help you find specific target groups, through their advanced search function. You can find potential leads specific to areas, industries, and experience level. As LinkedIn is a free online platform, this is a cost effective way for SMEs to specify their target audience.

How Can Audeo Help?

Here at Audeo, we provide high quality, tailored digital marketing campaigns to help businesses grow. We have a combined experience of 20 years of growing businesses from the ground up, with marketing strategies that have proven their success. Our services include:


If you are asking the question: “How can digital marketing help grow my business?,” get in contact today to learn more about how Audeo can help.

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