How Audeo is using new technology to increase our productivity

Since March 2020, many companies are turning to technology to maintain some level of work normality for their employees. At Audeo, we viewed technology as an opportunity not just to maintain productivity levels, but increase them. Using the latest workforce platforms, we have improved communication, output, motivation, and client satisfaction. Here are the best technologies that have helped us increase our productivity.


By far one of the most challenging elements of COVID-19 as a tight-knit, small team is the isolation and rigidity of remote working. Many of the popular virtual communication applications promote a more formal nature; specific meeting schedules, video-on conferences, and a straightforward layout. These serve perfectly as tools for client meetings, and formal workplace meetings, but for those down-to-earth, casual workplace chats, they do not really fit the bill. 

Orbital has filled this hole; as an audio-first communication galaxy, they have helped remote working feel a bit more natural. Feeling relaxed and supported in the workplace is essential for productivity, and Orbital is helping workplaces globally keep morale high during a rise in remote working. The innovative platform is audio only. This ensures that whatever the home situation, your team can switch on and get on with their work without the added pressure of cameras being on. 

Furthermore, Orbital boasts a range of features which helps teams stay connected, and stay motivated.

An all-you-need Galaxy

Each Orbital galaxy has a single link. This means that the galaxy can stay live 24/7, eliminating the recurring issue lost or null virtual meeting links. Your team can just add the galaxy page to their bookmarks, and enter and leave as they please. Having one link for all staff helps improve productivity as it allows flexibility for each employee depending on their preferences. For those who work better with a bit of office buzz, these staff can move their icons close together to chat as and when they wish. For staff who prefer to work in silence, they can move their icon away from the centre and get on with their work with minimal distractions. For staff discussions and one-on-one meetings, you can ‘wave’ people over to let them know you want to chat. 

Furthermore, each galaxy is fully customisable. You can make a galaxy which replicates your office aesthetic, or make it a bit funkier. With everything you need on one single page, and making the galaxy bright, unique, and well laid out, it’s easy for staff to navigate their way round the galaxy.  


Natural, but professional 

While promoting its casual and natural feel, Orbital continues to function like a professional network. It boasts a range of professional features which improve productivity. In team meetings, staff can show presentations, distribute documents, and share their screens. Orbital also provides virtual post-it notes to distribute meeting agendas. Furthermore, just like in-person meetings, Orbital provides private meeting spaces for the more confidential discussions. 


Trello is a visual organisation tool that has helped our team easily keep on top of tasks and remain productive. Particularly for a digital marketing agency working with a range of clients, using Trello’s customisable boards, lists and cards help the team visually divide up tasks and deadlines. 

Top Features

  • Anyone can allocate tasks and to-do lists. Each time a new project comes on board, the project manager can easily delegate and allocate tasks and jobs, and each staff member will receive a notification. 
  • The platform works offline, so you can add and remove cards and lists any time, anywhere. 
  • Trello is easy to use, and highly visual. Once a task is completed, you move it across to a ‘Done’ list. The platform keeps to-do lists simple and effective, ensuring that staff can remain productive with minimal confusion. 


Slack is the one-stop-shop for all our team chat communication needs. Slack helps our team stay on the same page, bringing all our work project teams onto one platform. Regardless of the level or department, all of our team operate on the same slack platform.

Slack enables you to set up separate chat channels for each project, with each channel including only the relevant staff members. This allows each member of staff to have a list of dedicated chat channels for the projects they are working on. You can even keep clients, vendors or partners in the loop by sharing the slack channel to them. 

Slack also ensures that no information exchanged is lost. Even after a project ends, slack holds all information, for those just-in-case moments.


The application also helps you keep track of changes or updates for projects easily, having separate tabs for ‘Mentions and Reactions’ and ‘Threads.’ 

Slack helps our staff stay in touch with their project teams, update their team on progress or changes, and encourage and motivate each other. 

Acknowledging and engaging with the latest professional communication technology is crucial in maintaining or improving staff productivity. It is crucial to ensure that staff remain connected, motivated, and confident during remote working, and Orbital, Trello, and Slack work to achieve this for us at Audeo. 

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