How AI is Changing the Future of Digital Marketing

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has become increasingly prevalent across a range of industries. Recently, voyage has been into the marketing world. AI is revolutionizing our approaches to digital marketing and customer interaction. Despite some reluctance to this new marketing method, Salesforce found in 2019 that 51% of marketers were already using AI in their digital marketing strategy.

So what does AI technology in digital marketing look like? Ignoring the movie sci-fi AI images that spring to mind, digital marketing artificial intelligence is simply a system which performs human tasks. Essentially, AI works to streamline the customer journey, save time and money by eliminating human error. AI can serve a range of purposes; analysing masses of data, formulating content, interacting with customers. The list goes on.
While it is crucial to acknowledge how AI is changing the future of digital marketing, creating mass-scale marketing campaigns in double time, we are far from ready to be fully reliant on this machine system. Digital marketing still relies on a human touch. Forbes explains that compassion, empathy, and storytelling are all unable to be generated with artificial intelligence.

Here are some AI innovations that are taking the marketing world by storm.

AI Chatbots

AI Chatbots have been promoted as the AI digital marketing game-changer. Many of us will have come across an AI chatbot in the recent years. They are being utilised as the new face of customer service, particularly in the retail and service industries. Brands such as Virgin Media, Starbucks, and H&M are all using the AI tool. Chatbots provide automated responses to customer queries, and offer solutions.

Chatbots hold a number of advantages that have improved customer experiences. Chatbots are 24/7. Unlike humans, AI requires no rest, nourishment, or interaction with other beings, and therefore, it can continue to serve customers night and day. In addition, chatbots do not have the ability to lose temper. Customer service can be challenging, from both sides of the equation. So having an artificial responder who remains calm and polite, irregardless of the customer’s tone, will help reach solutions more efficiently. Furthermore, chatbots can respond to multiple customers simultaneously, which reduces the need for wait time.

Content Creation and Curation

There is a great deal of scope for AI to have the ability to write and curate complex content. Currently, AI is not advanced enough to create political social media pieces or highly specified, industry-based advice, but it can create reports based on news information and data.

AI also has the potential to serve as a content curator and forecaster. It can analyze data sets from previous content uploads and styles, and use the information to assist in creating future successful content marketing initiatives and reports. Amazon uses AI curation frequently. Their AI system promotes personalised content recommendations for their customers. Using customer data analysis, they recommend products tailored to the user’s shopping habits.

This is similar for Netflix too. Netflix recommends tv shows and films that are relevant to the viewer. They create recommendations based on the viewing trends of each customer; “people who liked this show, also liked this show, so you will too.” AI powered curation can help engage more customers for longer, by showing relevant content guaranteed to appeal to the viewer.

Lead Generation

Lead generation describes the generation of inbound enquiries from prospects and potential customers. Inbound enquiries are the first stage in creating a new customer, and creating mass and quality interest is a time consuming task for someone. AI helps scale the unscalable in lead generation. Software automation services, such as Lead Magic, provide an AI integrated cloud system which assists in outreach using Linkedin.

An important element of AI marketing integration is that machines learn how to interact with humans. In order to develop natural language communication, AI bots need to interact with a range of potential clients, and lead generation campaigns are the best way to do this.

Predictive Analytics

Predictive analytics are a central element in marketing. AI has the ability to enhance predictive analytics’ influence on marketing strategies. Predictive analytics uses data history to determine the probability of future conclusions. This involves analysis of marketing trends and customer habits. Predictive analytical models are only as valuable as the data that has been provided.

Therefore, AI’s capability of analysing mass data to generate a deep insight into customer habits, with minimal errors, is highly valuable. This will allow businesses to interact with their customers on a highly personalised level, with a strong and complex predictive data model behind them.

Web Searches

Artificial Intelligence has revolutionised the way that users perform online searches. Voice search has popularised dramatically, with Amazon, Google, Apple, and Microsoft all having their own version of the innovative voice activated digital assistant.

But what does this mean for marketers, particularly for search engine optimization? Google established that around 70% of users’ conversations with Google Home involved much more natural and conversational language than the typical typed keywords on Google. The implication being that marketers may need to adapt their SEO content to become more conversational and colloquial to match the growing use of voice search.

Artificial intelligence is taking the marketing world by storm. Incorporating an element of AI into your business’ marketing plan could play a huge role in increasing sales and customer satisfaction. In order for AI to be successful in the digital marketing world, it is important for businesses acknowledge how ai is changing the future of digital marketing, and adapt their strategies to incorporate this new innovative method.

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