Evergreen Content

What is it?

Evergreen content is content which doesn’t expire; the evergreen tree itself remains green and functional throughout a variety of seasons. That being said, you are able to use this content regardless of the year, season, or situation; allowing it to constantly stay fresh for your audience. This long-lasting content is a great way of building your SEO and engaging your customers all year round, allowing traffic to your website or social media to grow over time. To simply put it, it stays relevant. Many businesses use evergreen content as an effective tool to stay at the top of their industry searches, and believe me, they do!

Evergreen marketing campaigns are the latest interest to marketing teams; it develops leads, delivers traffic and increases social media engagement. As a marketing tool this is powerful and definitely worth exploring, being so successful to many businesses. This type of content never loses when it comes to value and traffic like much other content out there.

Why Is It important?

Evergreen content is important because you are able to maintain content on a website which is relevant to your business, and can always be useful to your customers. This type of content is also found to achieve high ranking positions in search engines, allowing a steady yet constant rise in traffic. Unlike a news article which sharing can spike traffic to your website for a moment, evergreen content can constantly be applicable to your audience. All of this can increase the amount of visits to your website which can always lead to more sales for your company.

This is not only highly effective in generating traffic but also great for your businesses time, why? Because the content does not need regular updating! Unlike other content which you will need to write or design again weekly, this will keep being searched for and will stay relevant. Evergreen content is also a great way to increase backlinks to your site, as for example ‘How to’ blogs can always easily be linked to other articles/blogs written based around that topic, and shows you or your services as an expert in that particular field.

You may have thought that all of your content could be maintained, but once that topic is a few weeks old or not seen as ‘trendy’, it loses the attraction it previously had held. This is why evergreen content is so successful, it is consistently searched for and will be by people now and in the future. 

Evergreen Content Ideas for Your Business

Now, are you thinking of what evergreen content you could use for your business? Here is a list of potential options you could look at:

  • ‘How to’ blogs / Videos
  • Tutorials and user guides
  • ‘Top Tips’ blogs
  • Historic articles (not current news!)
  • Case studies
  • Lists
  • Industry insights 

These are some examples of great ways to include evergreen content on your website. As a business, you must find a topic which is relevant to you yet not too specific and doesn’t go out of date, showing consistent search potential even after years. Keyword research is then vital to creating effective evergreen content, you are then able to identify the key search terms being used frequently and narrow down what you are looking to rank for; you need something with a high and consistent search volume to make sure people are looking for what you are writing about. Don’t forget to also check your competition, you want to be at the top of your game when it comes to creating unique and beneficial content. 

Other than blogs/articles, videos are also a great way to engage your audience; 81% of businesses use video as a marketing tool, with 72% of customers rather wanting to learn about a product or service by way of video than reading. These statistics are huge, and definitely something to take into account. ‘How to’ and ‘tutorials’ are great used in video format and can be very beneficial and easy to follow. As long as the topic you decide to use will stay in date and has a high volume of searches, you’re all ready to create some killer evergreen content.

Why Is It Important?

By following these steps, we can guarantee you will be able to see a gradual yet consistent rise in traffic, without too much time being spent on the content. Evergreen content can open up a whole world of new customers and provide a new way to keep growing your traffic in a stable and productive way.

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