Marketing Automation For Financial Services

What Is Marketing Automation For Financial Services?

Marketing automation for financial services is the process of automating marketing efforts to reduce labour time and improve efficiency. 9 out of 10 marketers use more than one form of marketing automation software, being easily measurable and accessible to obtain important data to see the results of marketing campaigns. When we are looking at the term automation in the marketing world, we are focusing on marketing automation platforms used to repeat tasks, schedule posts on social media, organising templates and scheduling messages and emails that aren’t real-time. This is highly effective in generating leads where you may be contacting a large database of contacts. Whether you work for a financial institution in wealth management or accounting, automation could be for you.

What Are The Benefits Of Marketing Automation?

Automation allows you to maintain relationships with existing clients quickly, whilst you can focus your marketing efforts on gaining new ones through a combination of marketing tools and techniques. With marketing automation, you can spend more time on other important areas of your business, whilst generating a huge amount of leads through the ability to automate messaging or email marketing to a large list of recipients. Connecting with your clients is important for the customer journey to build trust with your financial firm, and through automation, you can spend time writing killer copy driven by objectives that will generate enquiries to your firm.

Social Media

Having the ability to schedule a rotation of social media posts is also great for engaging your target audience and building up those important relationships. You can spend time designing incredible content that potential clients and followers will find valuable, whilst boosting your brand awareness and becoming recognised as an expert in the financial sector. Being able to automate content means that you have more time in actually creating posts that will communicate effectively with your target audience, whilst they can then navigate through to your website to enquire or make purchases.

Email Marketing 

When setting up an email marketing campaign, thorough data analysis is needed to see what styles of content you send out are working, and exactly where improvements can be made. Through using marketing automation softwares for email, you can track each campaign’s success; looking at open rates, people who may have unsubscribed, and bounce back emails that can damage your email domain and make your campaign less effective. You are then able to make improvements in specific areas to improve future strategies. Other than email newsletters, you can also use automotive platforms to schedule automatic follow ups on completion of using your service or buying a product, which will create a positive customer experience with your business.

Audeo’s Automation Platform For Lead Generation

Lead Magic

We have specific tools we use when approaching a lead generation marketing strategy. Our Lead Magic platform has been hugely successful for a number of companies. This platform connects to a Linkedin account, where we can then create highly targeted campaigns that will get you speaking to people interested in what you have to offer. 

We will work with you to understand your perfect client, and set up your personalised campaign with engaging and action-driven sales copy to ensure people are directed to result in conversions. Through the automation platform, we can then access detailed reports and analysis on every campaign; such as the open and response rate so you can view the success and impact your campaign is having. If you have any specific budgets, we are able to offer a range of packages to suit SMEs through to large businesses, where you will even get your very own Lead Magic dedicated account manager to help you set up, optimise your campaigns and give you ongoing platform support. 

Unsure if this could work for you? One of our clients Veritas Noble, who are funding specialists, made use of this platform and has 35 highly qualified leads generated each month, leading to over £500,000 of contracted new business for the finance company. 

If you are interested in Audeo’s digital marketing services, get in touch today at to find out more about our services or to book a discovery call.

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