Government Investments And Grants For Small Business Startups

Government grants for small business startup

Let’s face it; financing is the biggest obstacle facing any modern small business startup. If you’re an aspiring entrepreneur that’s had their Eureka moment, there’s no greater frustration than knowing a lack of capital will stop you from achieving those goals. However, there’s no need to start waving the white flag just yet as a […]

How does Business Funding Work?

Whether you’re kickstarting your very first business to raise money or are an established entrepreneur business owner, you’ll likely need some source of funding in order to get your business up and running. Unless you have plenty of savings stored safely in a bank or money from your family and friends, you’ll need to look […]

Business Funding

The right type of funding can transform your business, but how do you know where to start? Sourcing business funding can be one of the trickiest aspects of growing your company, but it’s also one of the most important. Without adequate business finance, you won’t be able to expand your company and you may even […]

How to Apply for Seed Funding?

Are you a startup founder? The vast majority of companies will require funding in order to get started, but how do you find the right investors? Seed funding offers start-ups the opportunity to raising funds, secure funding, sometimes before they’re even operational.  For small businesses and entrepreneurs, seed capital can be critical. Giving you the […]

How Research and Development Tax Credits Work?

Research and development tax credits are designed to encourage and reward innovation and business growth. Aimed at companies that develop or enhance new products, processes or services, R&D tax credits can offset much of your research and development expenditure.  Despite the benefits R&D tax credits bring, few people are actually aware of them. Indeed, most […]

Brewery Funding

Funding for New Breweries New breweries registered in England and Wales face a myriad of challenges when they are starting out, but the biggest is funding. Getting a manufacturing business off the ground is not always easy, especially as craft beer breweries can be cash-hungry compared to other sectors. A traditional craft brewery has more […]