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We help businesses generate new customers and clients through B2B email marketing campaigns.

Proven Track Record

Our founders have a track record in building businesses from the ground up and scaling existing companies.

Measurable ROI

We provide clear and concise reporting on all the marketing activities we conduct so you can maximise your ROI.

Personalised Campaigns

We work hard to understand what makes your business special so we can create unique marketing strategies. 

We create effective B2B email marketing campaigns

When it comes to building conversations regarding products or services between businesses, having a killer email marketing strategy enforced can be an incredible way to implement this. Rather than a B2C (business to consumer) email marketing campaign where you tend to communicate with an emotional connection, B2B (business to business) marketers are looking to educate enterprises and gradually build a relationship in which purchasing decisions are made. B2B email marketing tends to be more direct and information-driven; this is because you are contacting potential stakeholders. An effective B2B email marketing campaign must have thorough planning, accuracy, and evaluation. As your marketing agency, we will work with you to ensure that you create measurable goals; your targets need to have clarity, be achievable and cost-effective.

Generating an effective B2B email marketing campaign

Businesses don’t want to be bombarded with sales pitches. When it comes to generating the content, we focus on educating others on your services rather than forcing it upon them. This is much more effective in the long term and increases your chances for other businesses to buy your product; they will value you a lot more,  people appreciate content that isn’t always promotional. By creating useful and engaging content for your subscribers, you will maintain relationships and be much more likely for passing on positive word of mouth. Research shows that 86% of business professionals prefer to use email when communicating for business purposes, indicating that using an email marketing strategy should be a prominent part of your marketing efforts. 

Our Digital Marketing Services

email Template creation

Creating a personalised, professional template is essential when contacting potential clients. This gives you a chance to be able to communicate your brand across in the template itself. Consistency is vital when building a business that is memorable and engaging. Not only will the design be personalised for your identity, but we will also personalise messaging for your specific targeted email list. 94% of businesses say that personalisation is critical to their success and will result in an increased open-rate.


At Audeo, we offer a variety of SEO services to help grow your online presence over a period of time. Our SEO specialists can assist you with keyword research, providing you with a long list of keywords that you should be ranking for in your sector, how to go about ranking for them and conducting competitor analysis. Once this list is generated, we can create the SEO driven content and implement it into your website design. We are also able to offer regular site health checks and ongoing SEO support. When checking your website, we will be able to improve anything from loading speed to crawlability issues, all of which have huge effects on how well you rank in Google. With this data, we can generate monthly reports for you to follow your progress along the way.

Pay Per click (ppc)

Using Google Ads can also help shoot your business up to the top of the search results, generating new b2b customers. We provide valuable PPC campaigns, including competitor analysis, highly engaging and converting copy, and keyword research.

Lead Generation

We create highly personalised and targeted lead generation campaigns. These campaigns will be built based around your goals as a business and will be incredibly direct. We pride ourselves on efficiency and accuracy, meaning that we will have you talking to genuinely interested people in what you have to offer and your sector. Say goodbye to wasted time and endless phone calls, and hello to high-quality leads.

Content Marketing

There are many forms of content marketing that you can include within your email. Some of the most compelling pieces used have been blog posts, white papers, or a successful case study. This can give valuable insights to the receiver, along with examples of your services or product in use. The content used within the email can then also be shared on social media, resulting in further lead generation. You may decide to use whole pieces of content; however, an engaging way to pull people to your website is to add a ‘read more’ section via the bottom. People will then follow this CTA and learn in more depth about your services through your website. Your subject line has to be engaging and enticing. This short, punchy sentence can be the difference between your email being saved as important or chucked into the junk folder. The subject line has to convince the reader that your email is worth opening, and that the content will add value to themselves or their business in some way. We will catch the readers attention by using a line based on a solution or insight for them, rather than using a call to action this early on.

Marketing Strategy

At Audeo, we specialise in creating highly-targeted and personalised B2B email marketing campaigns depending on your businesses goal. We will work hard with you to understand your company values, your target audience and your services to ensure that the appropriate strategy is implemented. We can then create an incredible email template, making all of the content within and designing the layout specific to your identity. Email marketing is often combined with other marketing services that we can work with you on as your digital marketer.

Our Amazing Success Stories

We created a new, customised website for Collect & Recycle that was built with SEO in mind from the start. We got them ranking on page 1 of Google for multiple important keywords in the waste and recycling sector and also implemented a highly targeted PPC campaign which greatly increased their website enquiries.

Our work with UK leading music services company Famous includes creating eye-catching content in order to increase brand awareness and sales. This includes social media graphics, video and SEO optimised blogs that provide value to their customers and increase website traffic.

We created a killer 360 marketing strategy for Veritas Noble which included developing a stunning, functional website, SEO, social media, explainer videos and an extremely successful lead generation campaign. We used our lead magic platform to reach out to business decision-makers and achieved over £500k of sales in their first year.

We implemented a full-service marketing strategy that included a new website, content creation and a bespoke SEO strategy that has continued to grow over the years with Plastic Expert now averaging over 4500 organic visitors every month through their website.

Are you ready to take your business to the next level?

Choose Audeo for your B2B email marketing campaigns

Email marketing is an incredibly powerful tool that can have tremendous results on your ROI. We can work with you to ensure that the most effective email marketing campaign is created, and, if decided, can work with you across all of your marketing activities. We can write highly-engaging copy and content for your website pages and blogs driven by keyword research. No matter what topics you are looking for, we can deliver having vast experience in multiple sectors. Our in-house designers can also create stunning designs that can both be shared on your website, social media and ultimately within your email marketing templates. For your email marketing campaign, using professional automation tools such as MailChimp can be highly efficient and manage your whole contact list. This platform sends an email in bulk to your chosen list and can segment your audiences into specific tags depending on your campaign. Through your email marketing campaign, you can also easily link to your website using CTA buttons or to your social media platforms to gain further followers. Get in touch with one of the team today and find out how we can boost your business online.

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