How Audeo Is Opening Up Opportunities

How Audeo Took Advantage Of Internship And Kickstart Schemes

Opportunities through paid internships and government schemes have allowed for certainty in many young people going forward, and for SMEs to make use of eager individuals looking to dive into building valuable experience in the professional world. Young people have been struggling to find work whilst entering this new chapter in their lives, however many businesses such as Audeo are opening their doors to welcome people into employment. Through internships and The Kickstart Scheme, Audeo are finding solutions in how they can help young people gain continuous learning, and ultimately the chance to find employment going forward.

Audeo, The Marketing Agency And Venture Studio Opening Up Opportunities

UWE Internship and kickstart schemes have allowed Audeo to jump at the opportunity to find enthusiastic individuals looking to set foot into employment. A few of the team have shared their incredible experience working for Audeo: 

Kallipso Mais

“Throughout my internship and current employment I have learnt so many new skills whilst utilising my degree. Not only has my professional knowledge of the digital marketing world grown exponentially, but also my confidence and interpersonal skills through encouragement and responsibility”.

– Kallipso Mais, Digital Marketing Executive

Jack Cousins

“The UWE internship scheme gave me the chance to apply the skills I had learnt during my degree to real business situations. This gave me invaluable experience in the marketing industry and allowed me to discover what I wanted to with my career once I finished my studies.”

– Jack Cousins, Account Manager

Through the paid schemes, companies have been able to take on graduates without the pressure that the pandemic has caused many small businesses. Audeo’s co-founder Kevin has found that the opportunity has enabled the business to grow significantly whilst sourcing new clients.

Kevin Basham, the co-founder of Audeo has said:

“The brilliant thing about the university internship schemes is the choice of really high-quality candidates and the spectrum of different skills & interests they bring. As an entrepreneur & business leader, I’ve realised through over a decade of employing people that it’s all about the person’s attitude & application. Audeo is very committed to developing & training team members who are dedicated to making a better future for themselves. There’s a lot of practical implementation of different marketing activities for our clients & joint-venture businesses which creates a diverse workflow & set of learning experiences. I am so pleased that the internships have resulted in permanent full-time positions & aids in our goals to grow & expand our company.”

The impact

Since starting in 2020, the business now has multiple graduates working for them. Audeo has even offered permanent jobs to individuals on completion of the internship, and has accepted candidates from an array of degrees from history to graphic design. This has shown how highly successful Audeo has been in leading individuals to career paths, whilst providing experience for many going forward. 

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