Accounting and Marketing Campaigns To Boost Online Presence

Marketing Accounting Firms

Accounting and marketing campaigns will help you boost your online presence and allow you to be placed above your competitors. Firms will often have sales strategies, yet many will overlook implementing digital marketing within this plan. Whether it be small businesses or huge companies, all business owners search for accountants; through either the internet, word-of-mouth, or choosing from locally based practices. If you are not visible in search engines through marketing efforts, you can miss out on a huge number of clients finding your firm and paying for your services. 

With accounting firms offering multiple different services, creating an up-to-date, professional website and social media platforms is a great way in which you can showcase your business. 81% of people search online for a product or service, and getting your business website infront of those search queries can boost your client base hugely. This can be done through search engine optimisation, where a variety of elements in your website pages can be optimised to have you placed highly in rankings.

How Can Accounting Marketing Benefit Your Firm?

Chartered accountants tend to focus on their long-term clients contributing to gross sales, therefore may not have marketing departments to monitor sales trends and put efforts towards growing the practice to reach a much wider audience. When management accountants track financial statements to observe where money can be put for success, marketing expenses should be put aside for increasing sales through advertising appropriately. 


Every business benefits from getting the word out about their brand. Through marketing and advertising you will earn trust, recognition, generate traffic and ultimately leads. When the Audeo marketing team assists management at your firm, we can work together to understand your business ethos and target audience, enabling us to create a tailored and personalised marketing strategy for your practice.  

There are many techniques in which accounting marketing can be implemented. Whether that is through SEO, content marketing, social media, lead generation, email, or a full-circle marketing campaign. The bottom line is, each direction you decide to take as an accounting firm will allow your business to become more widely known in your industry, which comes hand in hand with generating more sales.

Creating Short Term And Long Term Goals

When a business is analysing how they can increase profits, writing down both short and long term goals is essential in reaching your targets. Setting goals creates clarity, a clear direction for the team and allows for measurements and evaluations of success to be made effectively. Goal setting will create an endpoint for both yourselves and the marketing team, aligning focus and being able to make improvements in  specific areas. The end goal can then be broken down into multiple smaller objectives, generating a successful plan to guarantee accomplishment.

Marketing goal setting

Audeos Success Story: Veritas Noble

Here at Audeo, we have vast experience in marketing for the financial sector. One of our relevant clients includes Veritas Noble. This business took advantage of our marketing services, which resulted in 35 highly qualified leads generated each month, leading to over £500,000 of contracted new business. The huge results became possible through the SEO driven website we built them, lead generation campaigns undertaken, and social media marketing. The website traffic also saw a huge increase of upto 356% that ultimately led to engagement with current clients.

Audeo’s Lead Generation Strategy

The digital world is constantly changing, and more users are using online platforms every day. Incorporating specific lead generation strategies in your marketing plan will help you generate high-quality leads resulting in a growth of clients. At Audeo, we have proven lead generation tactics that have seen huge success. One of our platform’s, Lead Magic, has become a pivotal part of one of our clients marketing activities. This platform connects with LinkedIn accounts, using highly-targeted campaigns that gets you speaking to people interested in what you have to offer. We will help your write personalised copy aligned with your goals, manage inboxes through Lead Magic, and have recipients directed to effective landing pages. We offer a range of packages to suit businesses of all sizes and budgets. You will even get your very own Lead Magic dedicated account manager to help you set up, optimise your campaigns and give you ongoing platform support to ensure success of the campaign.

Audeo, The Marketing Agency For Accounting

We are a full service digital marketing agency based in Bristol. Our message is to help SMEs find more customers online using a proven and practical approach; allowing you to reach your maximum potential. If your accountancy firm is looking to gain more clients for your business, we have results-driven tools and techniques to guarantee you reach your goals. We will utilise both traditional and modern marketing actions, giving you the perfect combination to reach a wider audience in all directions. Specialising in marketing for SMEs, we have a range of packages we can provide to suit budgets and requirements of your business. With our founders having built multiple businesses from the ground up, we understand exactly what goes into all aspects of growing a business successfully. The first step is to book a discovery call with one of the Audeo team so we can find out what makes your business unique, and answer any questions you have about our accounting marketing services. Contact us today or email to book a discovery call.

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