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Accountant Email Marketing

Accountant email marketing has huge success in connecting with potential customers and providing a platform to maintain relationships with existing clients. As an accounting firm, it is incredibly important to demonstrate your services, communicate your firm’s ethos, and present your professionalism through digital marketing campaigns. Whilst financial services serve all businesses, building a website and online presence is essential in pulling in potential clients over your competition. At Audeo, we have proven success stories in generating a huge amount of leads for financial businesses through our effective marketing strategies. Along with our email marketing services, we also offer SEO, website design, PPC, social media campaigns, and content marketing; all of which will hugely benefit accounting firms.

Audeo's Success Story: Veritas Noble

Veritas Noble are a team of funding specialists and business consultants for who we created a 360 marketing strategy. The campaign resulted in them receiving 35 highly qualified leads generated each month, which has resulted in just over £500,000 of contracted new business through our services. Their website traffic also saw an incredible increase of up to 356% through the stunning website that we built them following each SEO element, along with a killer email marketing campaign sending out engaging regular content that led recipients to their website.

The Accountant Email Marketing Campaign Service

We specialise in a range of accountant email marketing tactics:

Generating A Targeted Contact List

Through our specialist experience in lead generation, we have a team that can retrieve data for your specific target audience, create lead magnets, and collate an email list from your current email address records or CRM system. This will ensure that we collect emails through organic research, meaning that when we send emails recipients will be genuinely interested in what you have to say. Once we understand your exact objectives for the email marketing campaign, we will be able to generate specific and tailored content that will add value, obtain a high open rate, and ultimately generate leads for your firm.

Marketing Research
Email marketing

Personalised Email Template Design

The design of your email template is vital in building a recognisable brand. With our in-house designers, we can create stunning templates that communicate your identity across perfectly. This will be done through the use of your brand guidelines, logo, social media links, and messaging, ensuring as soon as the email is open, clients recognise exactly where it is from before looking any further. Having personalisation means that indivudals can easily recall your business onto others, build brand awareness, and help you stand out above your competitors.

Content Creation

Our content marketing team are able to write highly engaging sales copy aligning with your objectives. Many people overlook how important the subject lines are for an email marketing campaign; they must be clear, punchy, and exciting to make sure readers want to look further into your email. Within the email, we are able to create a range of content depending on your targets as a business. With both our in-house writers and designers, you will benefit from exciting blogs, case studies, visuals and news related stories that will add value to your readers day. We can also highlight your firms services, and any new information in relation to your business to keep clients up-to-date. 

Keyword research
Lead generation

call to action

Email marketing for accountants should add value and build brand recognition, yet also sell your services through clear CTAs (call to action) in order to direct readers to landing pages. As we are able to offer a range of different types of content, no email has to be the same. Whether you are looking to share some recent news on accounting, an infographic communicating your services, or an explainer video for tips, Audeo can cater to it all. Whichever content we decide to use, each email will be designed along with a bold CTA depending on the target for the email.

Detailed Analysis And Reports

As a results-driven digital marketing agency, we focus extensively on analysing each campaign undertaken and generating reports. Each client will receive our collated data to follow their journey, whilst we will constantly tweak any changes that we think should be made to maximise results for your objectives. You will have access to a monthly report, where you can realise the benefits and success of the campaign. Monitoring this regularly helps to strengthen your email marketing campaign, and open up specific areas where improvement can be made.

Marketing strategy

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Accountant email marketing can have huge impacts on your ROI as a firm. Through our understanding of the financial sector, personalised email campaigns, and content marketing team we will be able to create a powerful and successful strategy for your business. We are also able to help with further action after emails are sent, such as recommending automation tools and marketing software that can follow up with recipients and schedule further emails. Whether your accounting firm is looking for use of our email marketing services as an individual package, or a full-round digital marketing strategy, we are here to help you grow. Book a discovery call today or email to find out more about our Bristol email marketing agency.

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