We are Audeo.

We provide the business strategy & marketing fuel to take your company to the next level!

Whether your company is about to shoot for the stars and take off from the launch pad, or it’s looking for some fuel to propel further, we’ve got all of the tools and technicians to provide you with the very best in marketing and business support. With vast experience in multiple spaces, including Tech, Business Services, Media, FinTech, and Capital Markets, we have a proven track record in launching and growing businesses.

Who runs this ship?

Founded by two successful entrepreneurs on a defined mission, Audeo combines the hearts and minds of Kevin Basham and Benjamin Rees. Having built several businesses from the ground up, consulted for some of the most disruptive and leading companies in the UK and USA, Kevin and Ben now guide projects through their launch and growth, whilst supporting other business leaders with further important missions.

Kevin is best known for building a 7-figure recycling business from the ground up. This company is now managed by a rockstar team, freeing Kevin up to support others. He co-founded the company in 2011 and has grown and guided it through strategic partnerships, killer marketing strategies, and solid systems and processes to ensure the sound operational running of the organisation.

In 2017, Kevin started to become heavily involved in Blockchain and Cryptocurrencies. He set up a private fund which Ben and Kevin co-manage. Today they have six figures of cryptocurrencies and crypto-assets under the management of Audeo Capital and look to deploy these profits by investing them into businesses which meet their rigorous criteria.

Through their fascination with Crypto and Blockchain, and being frustrated with the lack of quality information, the pair decided to set up the Cryptopulse Podcast to help guide people through the Cryptocurrency and Blockchain universe. The podcast went from strength to strength, and soon became the UK’s Number 1 Crypto and Blockchain podcast, with listeners in over 125 countries. This opened up a floodgate of opportunities, including working with some leading Cryptocurrency and Blockchain organisations, such as Wirex & Verge (XVG). In March 2019, the first season of the podcast came to a close as the two entrepreneurs focused on the creation of Audeo & Cosound.

Ben is the CEO and Co-founder of The Famous Company, the world’s leading music services agency. The company works with independent artists and musicians to provide creative and promotional services, such as streaming campaigns, music distribution, and 360 creative solutions. With their UK base in Bristol, The Famous Company also boasts a stunning studio and creative complex in Beverly Hills, Los Angeles, where they service independent musicians, management companies, and record labels.

Realising the problems within the music market, Ben set upon the task of building the world’s very first social network and peer-to-peer marketplace for the music industry. The company was formed in 2018, when Ben and Kevin invested a significant amount of their own money to build the first version of the platform. This included all design works, word trademarks, and investor outreach. The business has received several investments during the first seed round, totalling six figures. Cosound is now in its Beta stage, where the ongoing development and user journey process is being continuously improved.

Why are we different?

Audeo brings the combined brains, hearts, and experience of two young but experienced entrepreneurs. The term ‘self-made’ is used all too often in the world of business, however, it could not be more true for the dynamic pairing.

One of Audeo’s core values is to work with business owners and entrepreneurs who are serious about growth and making a difference. With a proven track record, the Audeo team help startups and SMEs successfully tackle the challenge of marketing and business growth.

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