Top 9 Tips For An Effective SEO Optimised Homepage Design

How To Design A Website Homepage

Audeo brings you their top 10 SEO tips for how digital marketing teams build high-quality web pages with organic traffic. By building a killer SEO strategy for your homepage design we guarantee you will be pulling in new customers.

#1. Page title and description

When thinking about your page title and title tag, target a broad search term that clearly defines what your website is offering which the landing page can reflect. Don’t forget to include your brand name, as this will help people find you easily when searching for you. When thinking of a description, let users know what is unique about your brand and why they should read on. Search engines will use these descriptions in search results to show visitors what a page is about before your customers even click on it. 

#2. Brand logo

Incorporating your brand logo into your website design is vital. This allows your audience to recognise you across social media as well as your main site, and can communicate what your product is about before people have even scrolled further, building an instant connection with your audience just from a visual.

#3. Navigation

By providing a simple navigation menu, the visitor’s user experience can be easy and stress-free when moving through your website. If your customers were unable to navigate through your site smoothly this could massively affect your sales as people will move onto the next best website providing the same services; your competitors.

#4. Headline & Sub Heading

Pick a headline that will stand out to your audience, make sure you are choosing something which clearly communicates what you are doing and will pull in potential customers to want to find out more. Sub headings should also provide clarity, with more of a competitive aspect on what you can do for them and why they should choose you over others. 

#5. Body copy

The body copy on your website is essential to providing you with a piece of content you can do keyword research on to include and find the search term you want to rank for. This can build your page SEO and be used again when you create content for your blog posts; being another important ranking factor. Make sure not to duplicate content, as this can pose problems with locating links and ranking keywords. Don’t forget to also include internal and outbound links within your content marketing, as this can prompt other websites to backlink to you, helping your link building and overall ranking on Google.

#6. Images

Use images which relate to what you are offering and provoke an action or emotion in your audience. Visuals, including videos, help some people understand more clearly what you are highlighting as your USP, resulting in people staying on your page for longer. Including alt tags is also crucial, as these can help search engines locate you within their search results.

#7. Calls To Action

Let your visitors know from the moment they open your homepage exactly what you want them to do, reinforce this throughout the page and make it clear and concise. Calls to action have a key part to play in ensuring customers know how to purchase your product or service and are sent in the right direction.

#8. Proof

By providing reviews, success stories and testimonials your customers will be able to put their trust in your brand. Having this area shows visitors that you are a professional, legitimate company with a proven track-record that you are able to provide the service that they are looking for.

#9. Footer

Your footer must give visitors contact details, any copyright information and useful links to areas of the websites which people may not want to visit at a first glance. As well as this important information, it is good to include social media links here which can allow visitors to explore another side of your business; having social media networks as a brand can build connections, encourage engagement with new content and provide support for your customers.

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